Outdoor grow in Southeast Michigan 2024

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Okay, so I'm gonna try and post all, successes AND failures, so I can refer to this post to help me remember them next year. (the old synapses aren't firing like they used to and I need a hard copy)(so to speak) LOL
I only grow outside in the summer. Started growing 5 years ago when it became legal in Michigan and it's been a wild ride. We get to grow 12 plants.

This year I'm trying my hand at regular seeds, just for the challenge.
Bought them from Lucky13 in Canada. I'm hoping for 1 or 2 strong females from each variety.
Angel '98, Frost Berry, LAX, Romulan Warp Drive, Peanut Butter Herijuana, Okanagan Grape, Skystone, Purple Prozac, Dirty Dancing, Mint Trip, Snow Angel.

And my backup insurance: FEMS, Aurora Indica and Afghan Outdoor from High Supplies. Rosella CBD from Trilogene.

Already made some costly mistakes this year.
I experimented putting my seedlings in the dark with a couple of bunches of bananas after reading that ethylene can stimulate better growth. It would have worked better had I taken them out of the dark sooner.
Outdoor grow in southeast michigan 2024

So, I transplanted the strongest ones but after 2 weeks, most aren't doing well because I inadvertently damaged the stems.

Ethylene servivors

So, I started more. Soaked in water for 24hours then into Burpee seed starting mix. Unfortunately, I kept the mix too wet and half the seeds rotted. So I put new seeds in the empty cells (no soaking) placed on a seed starting heating mat. (2 layers of bath towel between flat and heater) Did the trick and most germinated.
Lesson learned, damp seed starting mix and heating mat is all they need.
Also, I'm adding a few drops of tps silica to 32oz. RO water.

Outdoor grow in southeast michigan 2024 3

Soon I'll have to transplant them.
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Transplanted the tallest into 4" pots, 18 per flat. Need to do more today. Cut the six packs apart to get to the ones big enough to transplant and the left over ones kept falling down so I put them into empty six packs and it works!

Since I have limit space I have set up in the 'craft room' and needed to cover the floor. I have new large cardboard boxes so used a couple of those for the base and cut angles and gussets to keep the thick sheet vinyl I got at Joann's in place. (they're all in flats but, I will spill, murphy says)

The lights are led shop lights we no longer use and I added led grow strips to each of them. They have they're own timer which is going to be a problem to be solved at a later date. 😉 Oh, I put one on each of the shoplights. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09X45SN58?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

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I personally wouldn't do regs outside unless I sexed them. I wasted my time last year on a plant. Never again 😒
Which is why I started so many, so early. Supposedly at 2 months I can identify the boys/girls. Well, it's been 1 month and I'm getting nervous about leaving them in the 4" pots. I may have to transplant into gallon containers before they show.
Oldchucky is right, gonna get crowded in there.

Moved a tray and a friendly house spider appeared. Not relocating her/him, saw a gnat yesterday. 🙁

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