PETER TOSH Done with care.. By a rook ; )

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Allright farmers, after spending several hours with these ladies yesterday I feel I have found my keeper's, yes multiple. I currently have no quality in my stable(if you want to call it a stable at all), it was a hodge podge of locally bought clones which look like dog shit compared to these genetics. Needless to say, I am overwhelmed with joy to finally have quality at my disposal!

I've chosen 3 strains which all show different variations of genetics, I will be able to photograph these in detail soon.

Keeper #1 is structured like the White Widow but gives off an amazing smell of fruit and citrus which overpowers the entire room! Initially I compared the smell to GDP but after comparing it to another Peter Tosh, which is definitely GDP, it's different. Non of that earthy-kush smell just straight fruit, jackpot...

Keeper #2, I feel is almost entirely OG. I am going on to week 7 and already the pistils are amber like it wants to finish earlier than the rest. This plant gives off a great smell of B.O. and Lemons with Lemon being the dominant odor. It's loaded with lemon smelling golf balls!

Keeper #3, has bud development very similar to GDP, but larger! This plant is atleast a foot shorter then the others (roughly 3' tall) and is in a larger pot! No signs of it turning purple but hell, these massive cola's are putting off what my buddy describes as Lemon meringue pie!

I have my cuts mothering out and can't wait to fill my rooms with these ladies, by far the heaviest nose I have gotten from any of my grows.

Great work Uprising!

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