Pink Kush:Grow & Smoke Report.

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in the photo is 3semanas flowering but in total has 8semnas, that picture is of a plant outside now I'm trying to indoor.
but I realized that no indoor displays and outdoor pistils roses I believe is the large amount of lumenes received abroad.



Heres a couple Pink Kush shots. I never got any pink hairs when growing these but the smoke was really good. It smelt like puke to be honest, i just called it the Nasty! cause she was sooo damn nastyy! And the last pic was the First pheno i got and man im pissed i lost that one it was really really good.. It was alot different from the pheno i got now...


:rock damn dub, nice man. i didn't plan on running any of my pk this round, but after seeing some shots and hearing all the oohhs and aahhs, i had to drop a couple just to see.

germed in under 48 hrs by the way and all three broke soil and are doing well. tiny little sprouts, all similar, like triplets now vegging under 400mh.

got a new digi as well so long overdue grow reports and "nice" pics are on the way.
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