Plants In Dark For 4 Days..

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For me a dark period before flower seems to make plants start to flower and produce buds earlier than without a dark period
Check dates on the last post (especially as your first post) before resurrecting a dead end thread homie. Not being a dick, but this thread had its last post almost a year ago and the conversation is all bro science anyways. Maybe go introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself forum before resurrecting zombie threads.


The amount of insane bro science in this thread is bewildering. I'm so glad a lot of these myths (flushing for 2 weeks, 48 hours of darkness, etc) are being busted these days.
There are actual studies the bros maybe conflating but cooler dry weather induce trichomes.


about white ash ... not a myth at all
if you think cigarettes produce a white ash then you never smoked white ash bud.. it's grey at best.
flushed buds do not produce white ash , its the contrary (used to think this as well in the past)

i invite you to inquire about white ash in cigars ..
an exemple
"The color of the ash essentially indicates what minerals are in the tobacco. Basically, if the ash is white (or gray-ish), the likelihood is that the tobacco was grown in very rich, nutrient-dense soil. A darker – or black – ash, indicates less mineral-rich soil. Mineral content does affect the flavor of the cigar. A general rule of thumb is that fewer minerals in the soil will produce a more acidic flavor in the cigar. That’s not particularly pleasant to taste or smell.

To be a little more precise, a bright, white ash shows that the tobacco has received enough magnesium and calcium from the soil. Cameroon tobacco, for example, used mainly as wrapper leaf, tends to burn with a bright white ash. If your white ash is flaky, that indicates too much magnesium in the soil. Cuban tobacco produces a grayer ash."

From experience, I can tell the healthiest plants are the harvest produce the best quality, and also the whitest/thinnest ash possible.
In contrary flushed, faded plants usually produce the lowest quality, and a grey ash.
In worst cases a black ash will be produced, which is no good.

About spending the last days in the dark it has a benefit, among other things.

I use flock rockwool for years and i always let the plants close to wilt before harvest.
Then i turn off the light and let the plants finish to die on the vine a day or two, in the dark.

When they are all done, they go in the dry room, and at this moment i can take off the trunk piece remaining in the pot, and reuse the mapito, it's totally dry

I have the same mapito for years. It's also doable with coco IMO


I give them 24-36 hours dark when I flip. and also 24 hours dark before I snip. So final night is light on for 12 then off for 24, then start the light prune and hang escapade
What do you mean by before I flip?


what is the benefit of leaving them in the dark
The thought is, a plant left in the dark will realize the change in temps/light as a start to winter. That will trigger the increase of oils (excretion-trichomes) to protect the plant for as long as possible in the decline as cannabis is an annual. Some grow environments rely on the heat from the lights to dry and maintain RH. The caution, maintaining rh as not risk mold. We all know how long it takes for bread, just few days… so keeping it in range while the lights out period is critical. Any mold present will carry over into the dry/cure process. Anything over 62 rh is prone, so if dark periods risk traveling in that range, I’d say lessen the light periods to 3-4 hrs over 1wk vs 4 dark days straight to minimize mold risk. Just a suggestion.


Cannabis is programmed to convert its daily starches to sugars during its normal night period. If the night period is extended, it switches to proteins. Many valuable Cannabis metabolites require the break down of proteins into peptides, into amino acids, into weed flavors and affects. The hermaphrodite situation is a direct result of the plant getting its flavor from methionine, which is needed to synthesize ethylene. If methionine is short there won't be enough for both. So low amino/hydro growers have no clue what I'm talking about. They can't tell a difference and think every old trick is nonsense, when the difference between what they grow and what people want to consume speaks for itself.

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