Pls help new to this gorilla glue

It looks OK for the moment. What kind of medium are you using, as well as which nutes, if any? A picture is worth a 1000 words, but the words still help.
Are u referring to the first pic
All of the pics the soil looks very dry if they where tinny fair enough , but they looking a nice size now , if mine where that size I'd water a bit more so soil looked more wet,

So your not adding feed?
The soil has nutrians in it? I love soil like that.. when i use soil like that I don't add any feed just boots later on,
Unless its a light fertilized soil then you will need food after 3-4 weeks of planting not 100% when but if they start looking bit light green add feed..

Is the soil for cannabis's?
If so all be good.
That first pic I'm not sure what going on I looks to me that plants just had slow start was bit unhealthy for what ever reson , but now it OK and old leave are still their so looks I'll,
iv had it before but it looks fine it should grow look better soon but them old leave will stay they same,

Everything else looks healthy and good just water a bit more I'd say as the seem to be drooping a bit, you could give them a good half litre each and wait 1-2 days for them do drink it up,
And even soak fuck into them but will need 2-3 days to dry, half litre sounds better and wait 1-2 days probevky 1 day I reckon because as soon they get good water they will grow really quick and dry vary soon as roots grow..

This is a good link

But I'd say they 100% looking good the funny leaves in that one I recon or from when it was small plant it had trouble some reason butnits fine now..

Maybe other can give answeaes :)
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No idea what I'm doing wrong
Ph water try that first they don't even really look that bad they might just have Growing Pains watch all your new growth from here on out A lot's going to happen quick stick to just water though. Take a deep breath don't panic. I have some gorilla glues that are going to pump out 3 lbs minimum the core stems are the size of Red Bull cans. Straight up Gorilla Glue gas...
It looks ok, when they droopy there stretching, plant is big enough to give a very light feed, some plants droop to stretch out is all if your really that worried give a light feed and check your ph, but I think all that is unnecessary, next time you water give a light feed, or throw in a handful of fresh pearlite and check ph you should be fine.