For Sale Purple punch and La Kush Cake

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It’s not always because they are fake, strain degeneration is real when especially when they are in less then ideal condition for long periods of time.
I’ve seen it first hand with degeneration and dudding of the strains. Most of the old cuts I have around are a mirror image of what I use to be able to do with them. But they hold the gene pool and I’ve just started crossing them. When I grow out crosses I can see the shine of what the old strain use to do.
My friend in Michigan has the ecsd, sent it to me and the clones didn’t root and I haven’t asked for it again.
Pretty please ask him to send me some.👍😁


It would’ve cheaper for you to fly out to Cali and send the clones back to yourself

That’s because there is to many dumbasses out there without friends.

Well I don't have any friends but I'm not paying that much either.
People around here get busted when their friends male them pounds of gas. So I'm leary of trusting too many people.
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