Question about seed genetics from self pollinated female

Hermaphrodite seeds for sure produce hermaphroditism. I’ve got one right now and I just culled a boss hogxbubba kush that couldn’t decide what it wanted to be because of its “femanized” heritage. Your lucky if you don’t get one. That’s my issue
You did read the part about "stress induced" and "If it wasn't in the genes to begin with" talking about being hermie and how that relates to off spring from self pollination. I agree with what you are saying, but doesn't relate to "stress induced" pollen on an otherwise non-pollen producing plant.
Yea that was my entire premise of this that this was not a hemaphrodite seed.

You’re missing something if you think that a seed from a stressed female that self pollinated 4 seeds on the whole plant are the same as a real herm plant that passed those specific genes on (like a bunch of mid grade fully seeded bud you saved seed from for example)...not the same. There wasn’t hermaphrodite gene to begin with. Stress.

Yea I’ve never seen a real full on hermie either...even by screwing up nutrients, ph, and a way too hot grow space. But I generally never had light leaks or anything so...