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Blue Cookies x Blue God

So it happened. Well the first round did. I shook them out on the Blue Cookies fem. Then cut them and dropped them into a Mason jar with clear ph balanced water. Pollen will drop on the wax paper and I'll pollinate the entire plant again. Then we'll keep her in flower for another 6 weeks after the first pollination so that the seeds can be harvested and put right back down.







Nice stocking stuffer.
Never heard of Koffee... Must be pretty special?
I just read a couple of paid placement interviews they did. The strain sounds interesting. They have pretty much used it as their entire pivot point on their available strains. And they've kept their strain count low unlike other people out there trying just to push as much SHIT into the market as possible. Might be worth checking out next year :)

HSC did a similar thing when they were starting out. They did a lot of classic breeding like trainwreak, etc. Then they stabilized their blueberry muffin strain which initially was their stand out in the new hybrid stuff. If you check out their entire seed catalog, you'll see a HUGE division between classics and new school hybrids. And that's good. Because when they started bringing the classics into the new school? That's how that 10k plant pheno hunt went down. And holy shit did they come out with some killer stuff after that.

Maybe these NW guys will move in the same manner. I mean putting Koffee together with a Gas/Diesel was a pretty solid move by them imo.



Mosca - Dancing Queen - 2 have broken the surface. 1 more might come along. The 4th appears to be a dud.
Mosca - Bubblegum Boogie - 3 have broken the surface. 4th appears to be a dud.
Copa - Zip Tape - I took another look at this one. It's 1996 Black Domina x Early Glue. That's awesome. And 5 of 5 popped :)
HSC's Pineapple Muffin x HSC's Purple Mountain Majesty - 4 of 4 popped.

And then tragedy struck. One of my gallon jars didn't get burped. It was dated incorrectly and put on a weekly schedule instead of a daily schedule. At least a QP burned today. Mold is no bueno. Lesson learned. Ordered 20 of those chinese humidity things from the Bezos machine.

Just to be safe... both of our drying racks were hung today. They are 8 shelves each. Everything got dumped, checked, and left if the moisture content was too high. My whole house smells like a skunk got into a citrus orchard and got REALLY scared...


This? This PMM strain... I'm pretty sure I could have scrog'd the entire room with this one plant lol! She's doing great, much better than expected for so much growth coming out of 1 bag.






And my HSC Pineapple Muffin x HSC Purple Mountain Majesty breeding project pops...! Cant wait to see what these beans put out. Exciting!!!





I am glad to see your HSC stuff. Big vigorous plants are what i need to replace the ch9 plants. They were always the biggest most productive in the room.
LOVE HSC lol! In that first pic all the way to the back left is an HSC Squirt finishing up. Great for pain relief.

That HSC Purple Mountain Majesty bush thing is seriously a testament to the quality of HSC. I think a lot of other stuff would have gone South on the amount of stress it took and hermied out. It went from seed to bonsai clone momma. Almost killed it there. Then did a monster pruning down to 7 branches. I think it lost 2/3's or something insane. Took 2 weeks for it to decide to live. Then a transplant to a 5 gal bag. Then a massive amount of bending, tying, wiring, and constant adjustments to get it on the ring and uniform. And now this lol :)

BOGs and Useful are next... cant wait to get into those.


Black Friday Sales were great!!! I got the following:

BOG - SourBluTooth
BOG - Sweet and Sour Cindy
Useful - Chocolate Diesel
Useful - Chem Cookie Trip
Digital Genetics - Digital Dreams

DC Seed Exchange has a 30% off everything going on today. So... buy buy buy lol!!!

The Digital Genetics strain was something I just stumbled on. They were only $28. Between the price, the 5 star reviews and the customers pics of the bud? Had to give these a shot to see what happens.

These guys always throw killer freebies too. On past orders I've gotten quality strains like Hazeman's Astro Kush, and Hazeman's KQB as the kiss lol. :)

Anyway looking forward to running these sometime in December.


Wellllllllll happy Sunday peeps, bros, and broettes! It's cold and raining like a bitch. So what's the best thing to do on a day like this?

1) Transplant clones.
2) Transplant crowned flowering plants to 5 gal bags.
3) Clean out the aero cloner.
4) Clone Chemdog #4 and Rainbow Wiggler.
5) Move the Chemdog and Rainbow plants to flower.
6) Feed everything.
7) Take pics and update diaries.

But first... time to 🔥 it up! (@Grownsince95... emoji use is picking up bro...)


Ok so now I've smoked a Raw Lean Cone (yep bumping the brand in an obvious way) from Blue God ground in a kick ass grinder... taken out of my stash box (see where I'm going here?)... We've been working on some pretty cool shit. And it's finally starting to come together. Been really short on sleep and even shorter on time.

I don't know any of you on a personal level at all. My fault. Arms length shit. Here's why. When I started growing, people were going to prison for life stretches... for 6 to 20 plants. Those ass fuckers were counting a plant as POUNDS. Like, they weighed the container, media, stem all together. So if you were in a 20 gallon nursery pot for trees, that ONE PLANT was 100 pounds or so x street value of 100 pounds and those ass fuckers (redundant but stuck in that rut for 30 years or so) would declare they busted a MAJOR grow house with a street value of 1000 pounds x 1000 dollars. The reality is that back then if a plant tossed 4 ounces dry, we were pissing ourselves... that is until hydro came on the scene and General Hydroponics basically standardized the best way to grow peppers errrr tomatoes. You know how many counter conversations I had about fucking tomatoes in the 80's? God. Damn. True story. A lot of old timers can attest to the exact same thing.

Like... when you went to the Hydro Store you arrived in a fucking taxi... cause the cops had a 24/7 camera on the building, the owner told everyone about it, and... then we all started wearing baseball caps, fluffy clothes, and big ass Roy Orbison style Ray Bans... no shit. Taxi pickup? Always a different parking lot outside a busy mall somewhere. Back then you could throw a rock and hit three malls and skip the thing off of a half dozen strip malls.

Everyone was underground. We sweated when we dealt with Marc Emery because everyone knew he was such a flagrant dick about what he was doing, that it was just a matter of time before the bear got sick of being poked. And sure enough. Our Country locked his ass up. And then the other side of that sordid shit came out and omfg. This. THIS is what the pot world looked like from my perspective. Cops were playing whack a mole with people who were doing nothing more than growing righteous weed.

My mentor died a couple of years ago. And there are two whole people on the planet who know my face and the fact that I grow. It's always been that way. No matter the fact that I'm in tech... I watched Silk Road perish and was like shit balls. Nothing online will ever be safe. And so I ignored all of it. The communities. The seed banks. The fast evolving strains. And the world. literally. changed. Like... DRAMATICALLY CHANGED.

Why take advice from anyone. I've been doing this for decades. I thought my Widow, Herrer, Gold, and stuff was the pinnacle. All that was lost in a fire. I literally had to start all over again. Clone mommas... gone. Seed stock... gone. Years of everything. Gone. So I started rebuilding from nothing on a tight budget. We fought the insurance company for over a year before we saw a dime. And then someone brought back some seeds from Cali for me, put them in my hand and said... Bro. Different fucking world. Plant these.

So I did. And... the world shifted under my feet.

And they didn't play by the same rules as the stuff I lost. Not even close. A ph of 7 literally locked them up. Soil composition had changed. Everything was spiked with Miracle Grow. I was using an old bucket/res system before. Not even dirt was dirt anymore?! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. This was like starting alllllll over again. I was PISSED.

Like one day I have what I'm familiar with, the stock I'm used to handling, under conditions that have been the same way for 30 years with good old dutch master gold and GH coming in like clockwork from the bezos machine to.... wtf did I stash in the barn that still works. And wtf is going on with the rest of the world that these seeds don't "play by the rules"?

Well the world changed is the answer. And the old rules don't work anymore. Because we were doing it wrong. Like you can take any of my bud now and stack it against that high times pic for an old cannabis cup winners list and I'll blow it all away. That used to be the pinnacle. It's alright but by today's standards... ain't shit.

Well I've been growing yesterday's standards for so long that the bar got moved and I was completely blind to it. So this last season has been a completely rude awakening, coupled with the fact that I'm already an old rude ass anyway.

I watched a lot of friends and acquaintances devote their entire focus to pot without any hope of anything other than doing some good shit with a good plant that made them feel really good and they just wanted everyone else to feel good too. They never drove anything other than a hoopdie. They never lived in a McMansion. And they were seemingly oblivious to the fact that there was a completely different deeper level that they could live in IF they were willing to make that sacrifice and actually embrace the boogie monster... capitalism. What a waste right? Good people. Limited life perspective.

Or was it?

Because the fact of the matter is that I am making more money now than I ever have to be able to afford to live... like them (minus the hoopdie) Isn't that another kick in the ass? LOL! What NEVER fucking escapes me is the irony dishes that life serves. It look losing everything to understand what is really important.

And then when we had this once in a lifetime opportunity to literally throw a dart at the map we considered it long and hard. We debated, researched, drew from personal experiences and those bucket list items that sometimes seem like they are good but are better left in the bucket. I mean we've lived in awesome freaking compounds (Keys, Jamaica, New Orleans), big homes, on the water, country, city, beach. Make it spend it.

But at the end of all of this, none of that shit was important. What was important was the silence required to appreciate that life really doesn't have to be loud, glamorous, or convenient to be interesting. And most importantly for me anyway is that I was able to find great elegance in simplicity.

The good weed? I literally want to grow it all that's worth the time to plant. For me, this is the world I get to step into; a refuge from the virtual world I make a living in. This grounds me, if that makes any sense.

And as far as my abrasive nature? I created the Cataract Jack brand for a reason. Because he's a cranky old fucker with the best of intentions. He's the cartoon me.

Man I cussed a lot in this one. I better add some emojis to let everyone know I'm not pissed, sarcastic (well 100% anyway), or yelling. And yeah dudes and dudettes I'm going to attempt to be a smartass with emojis too. Sorry not sorry. It's the way I'm wired. Just know I have... the best of intentions. Always.


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