reefermans private stash seeds on the farm next week

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Origional haze x mexican gangster og kush cutt from sandiego , reeferman g13 ibl acidental haze , blackseed pure , Old time skunk #1 rebreed santa marta x acapulco gold x afghani , old time skunk # x oldtime blue moonshine , Rm's super silver haze I did a massive selection on SSH and much much more in hand now , many many more strains coming in from the old work .
Also cherry bomb #2 back in stock massive selection , cherry bomb #3 , my cherry haze its all in hand friends


Hello REEFERMAN :) !
Nice to see you here. Cherry Bomb III is a sweet news indeed, that was a long project, I thought I'll never see this in stock, you have mentioned Hawaian part is not from Mr.Greengenes in CBIII, does that stay unchanged in final release?

Oh, and for all you guys who don't familiar with RM genetics let me upload some fotos. 1st 4 fotos is the RM-108 Phnom Penh (old school Positronics Thai/Haze circa '88 crossed with RM Cambodian), second 2 are two different phenos of my favourite Accidental Haze (Colombian Punto Rojo Red X Mexican 'Red Hair'). The mexican in AH is unknown, RM has 4 mexicans, Oaxacan that was used in RM-94 Fast Haze, unknown extremely paranoia inducing psychedelic mexican used in RM-84 Mexican X Panama Red, Acapulco Gold used in RM-45 Apple Pie, and Blackseeds used in RM-105 Viper and also released in a pure form. Accidental Haze is a true sativa with airy buds but finished in 12 weeks and has great indoor suitability. Both pehos has great fresh citrusy lime smell of late summer open fields, but Colombian pheno has distinct nice leathery, earthy, woodsy note in taste and smell while Mexican is more neutral and more fruity. The effect is great soaring rich happy elevating sativa buzz with low paranoia, Colombian pheno is shorter in duration but stronger in onset, you know that red eyed smily racy push :)


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Ohh, some OTMs and loads others there that I like the sound of. Cant wait.

Great plants there Nirrity.


killer pics brother,,, there will also be 1 pack on auction of white congo going up to


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Hell yeah Reeferman.. I'm really looking forward to your landrace seeds.. Really interested in the Tajik, Uzbeki, and Chinese..

Also Haze bros. Orig.Haze.. Feminized HP13

Thanks for being so kind and releasing some of these....



killin it amazin genetics
thats we been waitin 4
damn brotha u got gems 4 days i could spend yrs tryin all ur gear

thx you much very very much for rereleasing the legend
haze bros haze #1

i was hopin you might throw in som of ur humbolt selections from the private stash
i want them all but im eyein
accidental haze
RM-108 Phnom Penh both monsters
otskunk rebreed

crazy your work is genius thx for ur contributions and preservation of such special stock



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I need all of these Reeferman strains fo sho and have wanted his Sour Diesel and Romulan for some time . I have a few Kodiaks I'm gonna run soon . Nice find guys:clapping


purple haze, HP 13 i wanted to grow for a long time! gotta find some money for this :)
was the same thing I was thinking... dam some fem hp/13 would be so ill :character0050::character0050: also would love to see that purple haze!


any chance a pack or 2 of the cindy will show up?

gotta replace my kodiaks as well, and from old stock:cool0010:

reef, i might as well have my pay direct deposited to you.
it'll be funny when i have tons of beans but cant pay the light bill:doh
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