Science: Aroma...*Not* THC Mediates the Subjective Effects of Smoked and Vaporized Cannabis Flower

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Some great new research suggests that chasing terpenes NOT THC molecules results in the 'better' cannabis experience. This also has implications for medicinal use, since a better experience is directly tied to better healing.

"Impairment and Enjoyment are unrelated phenomena"

“Currently, consumers must wade through a labyrinth of confusing messages at a typical retail experience, which in addition to THC potency may include: analytical lab results, proprietary marketing for supposedly targeted effects with no science to back claims, indica, sativa and hybrid categorization–which have proven again and again to mean nothing at all in terms of subjective effects, and cultivar names which aren’t constantly the same plant genetically, or even if they are the same plant, rarely bear similar phenotypic expression, despite having the same name. It should come as no surprise that people are a bit confused and often unable to find the best products in terms of enjoyment.”

"The best way for a consumer to know whether they will enjoy smoking or vaping a particular flower is to smell it."



I agree I always have to smell my bud but sometimes like 5-10% of the time the smell doesn't match the high I like. BUT MOST OF THE TIME. For sure.


i've sampled many many strains these past several years since a number of states have legalized. while i do consider the smell to be a potential factor in whether or not one may find a particular strain is truly enjoyed i don't neccessarily go by that myself. when i do go to a dispensary i may choose strains that smell good to me i also grab a small amount of a number of other strains as i like to sample as many strains as possible. i have found that in many instances even strains that may not have had the greatest smell to me were just as tasty as the ones with a preferable smell. my biggest thing is taste. when i find a strain that give a taste i really love i'll then tend to grab more of it.
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