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mack 10

mack 10

Hey Farmers!
Had some more plants show their genders.
First male is Psychosis bx1 #2 but #3 has shown female. Also a Hindu Kush x Lavender has shown female so it's off to the races now.
The ECSD x Chitrali have grown a third bigger in less than a week.
I'll start measuring them so you can watch the stretch as they are really blasting off.
Still only fed plain water.
They will get their first feeding tomorrow.
(Bio Organic Bloom by Cellmax)
and if I had some some Rootboost as that really gets things going.
mack 10

mack 10

So a few more males have popped today,
both SBC's which sucks.
I really wanted a female but hay ho.
Solo's stash x Biker has shown female.
mack 10

mack 10

ECSD x Chitrali.
another pheno,

unfortunately one of them looks like it has several male flowers growing on the lower budsites..i'll give it a couple of days to have a better look. If it is a herm I'll have to get rid of it.
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mack 10

mack 10


Solo's Stash x Biker kush.(above)


Hindu Kush x Lavender.

I'm vegging up both the GG'91 and Chemdog D x '91 to much bigger plants before they get flowered.

Also germing some Cheesedog, GSC x Casey Jones and some Tahoe Chem, they have all cracked open and have been planted up.
mack 10

mack 10


Today they got their 2nd feed of Cellmax Bio Organic Bloom. Now at 1/2 strength.
pH 6.5 ( no pH down used)
EC 0.8 (0.5 scale)

All my Cheesedog ( Connoisseur Genetics)
beans have broke through ☺ 5 for 5.

Followed closely by some Tahoe Chem (Catnip seed co.)
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