Second grow: Gorilla Glue #4 auto.

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Hi all,

It’s been a little over a year but starting my second grow. This time around I am attempting 2 gorilla glue #4 autos from growers choice. My setup is the same as my last grow but I will list what I am using anyway. I am starting this diary already just about three weeks into the grow. So let’s start with equipment.

Lights: Spider farmer sf-4000 at 450w
Tent: Mars hydro 2.3’ x 2.3’ x 5.6’
Medium: 70% coco 30% perlite
Watering: frequent fertigation @ 4 times a day using a 27g tote for the res and halos in the pots.
Containers: 5 gallon fabric pots with dyi grommets for LST.
Misc.: black and decker dehumidifier, small desk heater, to small fans, dyi self draining trays, dyi auto water disposal.
Nutrients veg: GH armor si, calimagic, flora micro, flora grow, flora bloom, diamond nectar, and terpinator
Nutrients flower: advanced nutrients PH perfect for coco bloom parts A/B, big bud, b-52, overdrive, terpinator.
Humidity: 65%
Temp: 75f
Controller: Elitech cloud heat and humidity controller.

I will be using some LST early on to keep the plants the same height and then scrogging them for the stretch. Like my last grow it looks like I got one dwarf plant and one fast grower so this will be a focal point for me this run.

I will post some pictures shortly of the progression so far. Please follow reply with comments and or banter. Cheers everyone!
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Like I said here are a few pictures of my grow so far.

Seed pack:
B12F3EDB 79E4 4353 849E C455D15E6373

Pre planting setup:
09968F32 B14B 4777 B239 80DBDFC07306

7A93B4F2 9919 4FC0 9B1B 01A9397F3BD5

F53D2877 98AD 4701 9D66 C88B88992D51

BAF03CFA 295D 4BFD 80A4 FE9E5F3DC399

Setup with seedlings:
23E7E38B CA8A 4FCC AC17 18D73A981741

Amy and rose week 1 early:
D0D5BB60 1029 45AA BD65 21DB79345EB5

D7159C18 9F62 4D50 975F 868A3D58EB2C

Amy and rose week 1 early:
25E2F120 E171 46A5 BF1C F859ED79D444
165D41B0 B8E7 4A5C 9BD2 B9FC6829EF74

Full setup so far week 1:
72B3DC87 9144 4C17 9175 CA8F6F2FF74B

B6F36329 9369 416D 838A B1CE7326F227

Amy and rose week 1 end:
479E4A19 8ACF 43A0 B854 031D647DA1AC

3846D5DD F43B 4F45 AE75 D0F08853B46C

Amy and rose week 2 early:
8B6F4E44 EF2D 404F A594 DEA7CF7305F9

56558D4D 4FF2 4431 AF4D 66E4AC99CC87

Amy and rose week 2 end:
5F4D820E 2472 4474 B5AD 5D2AD494D652

30565AAD 4FEE 4C6C B8E2 1CF8D5D677C7


Well this I believe is around day 11 of veg my 2nd week of veg ends Thursday now that I have taken some time to do the math. 🤓

As I stated earlier I am really going to concentrate on keeping these plants the same height as much as I can. I had a hard time with almost the same problem last grow. Where, one plant was twice as tall as the other, even though both plants produced about the same. It was difficult to get enough light to the smaller of the two. That being said I started a little bit of light LST to rose to start that process.

Amy day 11:
8D272D3A 6D99 40E4 A80B 134E65F30186

Rose day 11:
8A2525E8 D404 4D61 89CA D27E098E5DAF

Again any feedback or questions are welcome. 👋🏼
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Here are a few more pictures from this morning.

Side view before and after re-bending the taller plant (Rose):
5FCF0C3F 82A8 4DFD 96D8 F679CF7E024F

3A53CEC3 1E29 4801 BF01 B381427C3AA7

Amy and rose close ups respectively:
EEDF06B7 87EA 4A51 B2BD 30970188D021

E021BE6D B864 4896 9E95 B9FC36D89315


Nerd alert… 🤓 Made a little video yesterday of a watering session. It’s like a little over 3 minutes. At the end you can sort of hear/see my auto flush bucket working.



So I am changing my veg timeline. I am officially saying veg started on the 19th of September. This is when my first set of serrated leaves started. That would make today the start of week 3 of veg.

So that makes today officially day 15 of veg and here are a couple pics to celebrate.

Full shot day 15:
92BD0FBE 34D1 423D 9925 15A89364A49C

Runty little Amy day 15:
5A8C9531 D316 4CF0 95A5 F4FBDAE6BB07

Explosive Rose day 15:
FB857213 7FD6 4CC4 BB85 E03B64C7EDFE


Well got my dehumidifier and little ceramic fan heater running and slowly dialing in my environment. Sitting at 58-60% humidity 76-77f with a good breeze. My exhaust is at about 25% right now and I will be ramping that up as my veg cycle matures. Hoping to get my c02 bag in a week or so, I can already kind of tell a difference in growth rate from my last grow.

Little heater on my bucket, it really works well in this size of tent.
4FBE6A2A 2DEA 418E BE83 791BBD73DA27

My dehumidifier with waste right into sump below it.
45C1853C 0B5E 4D70 A908 EA7705C18C58

My cheap but pretty awesome humidity and temp controller.
B89D5CF7 7410 40A2 9F1E 38EA63D9BC7C


Good afternoon growmies!

Today is day 16 of veg, and not a whole lot to report. I did finally start some slight LST on Amy the runt today. As I said before last grow I had some huge disparities between two plants of the same strain, breeder, environment, and all that. Like one was over a foot taller than the other. Both produced about the same however. I am really going to try to keep both plants the same height no matter what 😬.

I also mixed up another 6 gallons of mid veg nutes using 1ml armor-si, 5ml caliMagic, 2.5ml floraMicro, 2.5ml floraGrow, 1ml floraBloom, 5ml Diamond nectar, 5ml terpinator, 5ml H2O2; all per gallon of water. I PH my new batches to 5.8 and let it creep up to around 6.3 before PHing my reservoir.

My lights are at 20” above the canopy at about 25% or so with a PPFD of 400ish. They are on a 20/4 schedule.

I am feeding 4 times a day with roughly 15% runoff with my DTW auto system I built.

Anyway enough need stuff here are some of todays photos.

Day 16 Amy side and top:
726D5725 D043 4DD6 BDA7 E9BF737FF994

8DCFA12E 8746 4186 AD88 4E92E126825C

Day 16 Rose side and top:
71422C37 42FD 4FF5 AE30 80EFF07D802F

A1416026 D945 4096 8B7C A4BCE00510D3

Day 16 Amy after LST:
EC105E43 C0F4 4618 A964 C2E1052960ED

710E7C6D 8450 485A B7CF 209F2D0E824E

Day 16 Rose after more slight LST:
57D68CEF A38D 4E95 B77C E211DEEE8C09

E8CC9755 B4C4 4DE4 A023 FB4DA48BD2F9

Day 16 More garden and misc close ups:
0678B359 0767 411F A258 773998A68E34

4C9BC832 885F 4C45 8C58 666EAB17BADD

66CE840D 0E25 4389 B475 667840F68E8F

Also don’t forget to follow along and let me know what you think good or bad. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Good morning on day 17 of veg.

I seem to have a slight nutrient issue with Amy the runt. Her lower leaves are curling downward and I am seeing small yellow spots become visible. They also seem to be becoming a little brittle. Picture posted below for reference.

I am assuming this is an N overdose? So as a precaution, and I don’t know if this will help, but I flushed her with a gallon of PH’d RO water. I also diluted my reservoir from 650 ppm to 590 in hopes of helping her and not hurting Rose the other plant due to both of them sharing the same reservoir. Any ideas, answers, questions on this?

Day 17 sick Amy:
5DE9104A C485 4B80 B8D6 577F5AEAB5A6

F07E4A77 FB47 482E 8A78 5CAE6BFCEB5D

Day 17 Amy side and top:
F07E4A77 FB47 482E 8A78 5CAE6BFCEB5D

EC4DDB58 F332 42BE 8EEC 5FBC6B9D0EC8

Day 17 Rose side and top:
E209926A 35AD 4867 B05E C79F8EC12E9B
3E491D52 1C88 4808 9FD9 D6B617ABCAFC


Update on day 18:

Well I seem to maybe have slowed or stopped Amy’s slow dive into sickness. I ended up turning the lights down about 10% back to 20% and diluted my nutes from around 650PPM to 600PPM. So far so good since yesterday afternoon.

I PH’d my res to 6.0 for the day just to make sure it’s in a good spot. Other than that I am just going to let them be today and check in on Amy later this evening.

Some picks after a little man handling and leaf tucking etc…

Day 18 Amy side and top:
D19FE4FF 5870 4F91 BED0 168CA8CB7571

7EB0F08C 3B2A 4BB1 A237 58FE1890A610

Day 18 Rose side and top:
222B90DB 70AE 45C4 A2F7 29008513BD2F

F53146E3 CBC5 4D6A 97B7 8271F87EB766

Day 18 garden:
71BFBD85 2200 4B70 B0BE 3FBEBCCC9C46


Day 19:

Not much today a little light LST and making sure the reservoir is in the correct PH range.

Amy the runt is still growing her older leaf showing signs of sickness looks worse but it doesn’t seem to be spreading to new growth or any other leaves. So hopefully she will make a comeback.

Day 19 Amy side and top:
B54E1CE8 056A 4BEA B7F1 23BADB98B57C
8C4ABDC3 7CFE 4A6F 84F0 03490B6E56D1

Day 19 Tose side and top:
4618DA31 F345 4878 90A9 8E5B4233B75C

14E2D9B9 1A27 4D17 88E1 3D94CB7B0F29

Day 19 garden:
42EC0CE6 40F9 4BC7 903D 96DE2A55A291


Morning kids!

Well aren’t you lucky you get two days of updates in one. 🤓 Yeah, I am behind a day.

So yesterday was uneventful, all I did was check the reservoir and briefly check the garden nothing major to report. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Day 20 Amy side and top:
2A7B4EA8 D9DF 4D93 B8B7 2721B3733297

65650CBB 3EDF 4B03 BB02 BE905D069B0F

Day 20 Rose side and top:
2B36B2F1 BB2C 41B5 8A12 BE187C969732

2F31E997 6F9C 449C A94F 6AE417194E01

Day 20 garden:
BA01871C B269 4CF0 8798 270D47CE2661

Now on to today day 21 and the last day of week 3 of veg. Checked the reservoir and it is holding well at 595PPM and a PH of 6.25 (keeping it a bit high for more calMag uptake for Amy the runt). Amy is still showing signs of pretty good new growth albeit on the small side. But she is hanging in there. Rose on the other hand is a thickum hard to train her so far. So I think I’ll leave her be for a bit and then do some bending and bondage. I do plan on scrogging these as heavily as I can during stretch. This is reported to be a 65% sativa so I am expecting some height during early flower.

I took some runoff from both plants today as both the trays seems pretty dry for just being watered 30 minutes prior to me checking in on them today. Rose runoff was 700PPM and a PH of 5.7. Amy was a bit different with 620PPM and 6.0PH. I flushed them really well with solution to try to get them evened out. I also raised my fertigation times from 1min to 1m 20sec. I am hoping to get a bit more runoff doing this and keeping them a bit more stable.

Day 21 Amy side and top:
884CE280 2B1A 4669 A3B6 FE958E0DE546

E790056E 0807 4B96 A223 0B7293ABEDD2

Day 21 Rose side and top:
36D78334 026F 42FD B47B 143DC99444FD

BC80FE0C 7FD9 4A24 8563 66F5A9B98A9D

Day 21 garden:
F6755DC0 5C7B 4DBF A49D 83B35DB7794D

Thanks for stopping by and on to week 4!!!! My last autos started flowering in week 5 so I am starting to get antsy… Wish me luck!


Well it’s day 22 and the start of week 4 of veg. Week three ended with an oopsie with me breaking off a nice branch from Rose when I was trying to LST. Oops… Other than that I cleaned and rinsed my reservoir and filled her back up with about 14-15 gallons of solution. PH is at 6.0 and PPM is at 630.

Also sorry for the fonts on my phone and I messed something up. 🤷🏻‍♂️😬

Day 22 Amy side and top:
A1D23977 29CB 4C78 99E6 7806528E51E5

F291458B 570E 473D 91BB CED4320D6B53

Day 22 Rose side and top and broken piece:
60385270 559F 4837 9B48 9097B98C6F20

53C77B7D F796 457E 948A F63B1579027A

BE0B8629 7DD9 4D04 81DB 013D6728B210

Day 22 Garden:
734CEF15 2728 4C8D BBE7 5EF590560371

I am hoping they start stretching end of this week or early next. From my experience so far week 5 seems to be the week they start.

Happy growing all!


Day 23:

Not much to report today. Basically just checked the reservoir and did some light LST on both plants. Only thing to really note is my reservoir dropped almost an entire point in a day and a half. This is the first time it hasn’t drifted up slightly. It could be from me forgetting to add H2O2 when I filled it, added it this morning. So I will keep a closer eye on that.

Day23: Amy side and top:
94E266E5 E545 4295 B6EC 008260ED2465

97B9BDDA 1836 4798 BA35 92DE293E6A8D

Day 23: Rose side and top:
33639246 34B5 4030 80D4 64404A9763B2

554B173C E177 4AA5 ACF9 CABB1BBF5DAA

Day 23: Garden side and top:
5A7DA90F FCC9 4468 903C DC339A9D53D6

E17555F1 B7C6 49B8 9216 6E719C5C3B7B

Day 23 Dumb close up looking for hairs :)
1A3A4670 BCA0 4840 8D04 E34AB04C4ACE


Day 24:
I Did some harsh LST this morning. I say rough because I am not graceful and ended up ripping some leaves lol. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I am noticing that the new growth nodes are finally starting to alternate, my girls are going through puberty. 🤪

Checked the reservoir this morning as I always do. It’s starting to climb over time again so that’s a good sign. I added about .25ml ph down to keep it around 6PH.

All seems good so far!

Day 24: Amy side and top after LST:
EF2E8779 C185 40D1 A765 64CBF0D90D63

6AF0D7E3 6575 411A 874B 493B18204D38

Day 24: Rose side and top after LST:
763BCF1F 0F07 413F A25E B6380E3B7769

B75977DC 6FCC 4AEA A8E7 1D50D049EF4E

Day 24: Garden after LST:
C88D1259 70E6 4B4B 9D3D 5C94979AE41C

And just to clarify my gross looking LST… what I am TRYING to do is bend the main stem toward the sides of the tent then spiral it toward the back and then middle of the tent during stretch. All secondary branches I am bending toward the middle of the tent in a semi circle. I will be doing a SCROG a little after the stretch really starts in a week or so.


Day 25:

Good morning all! Today I found the first hair on Rose! Looks like next week I’ll officially call the first week of flower.

Maintenance for today before I go to work was/will be to LST, make 6 gallons of RODI water for nutrients, mix up those nutrients, and then readjust my feeding time from 1minute per feeding to 50 seconds. I am going through a lot more solution than I should be and my run off is more than ample watch feeding.

Amy is doing some stretching it seems. She is glowing up and out fast. But that being said her stems are a lot thinner and softer than Rose. But I think she will do just fine in flower. She her about an inch over night.

Rose is doing well, definitely a stalkier thicker plant than Amy. I think and hope she has some super thick flowers to go with those stems.

I am hoping to put up my scog nets next week, I dug them out of storage and ill be trying to come up with a solid plan for it this year. We will see how that works for me lol.

Now to photos…

Day 25 Amy side and top and after LST:
9A3776F5 7179 4730 838D F9C8658C5CBA

6963D070 7BF3 4444 8EA8 99E4C71F6C22

8A7994E9 536F 4337 B584 20A2E6880D81

Day 25 Rose side and top and after LST:
A55A89D4 18DD 4622 919C 072BA90F8B97

5985471D 5CDD 42BC B8D0 921CE0F8357F

EBE0D601 B405 4504 AEDA A6035DF97CEB

FA01A978 8D5F 4034 94D7 156417896C71

Day 25 Garden:
DF6613CF 0481 4D5E 98C4 5AF8C9B9A9BA

Well that is all for today! Don’t forget to follow comment and show your babies. I really like seeing others plants especially around the same age as mine. Cheers and peace! ✌🏼


Day 26:

Nothing much to report today other than I gave the plants a little haircut late last night. They bounced back really well. I also found my first few hairs on Amy today. I’ll probably start adding in some early bloom nutes next time I have to top off the reservoir. This will ensure I switch to bloom nutes gradually.

I picked up an exhale bag today to boost some CO2. I raised my lights way up and turned them up to 40%ish sitting at about 460 PPFD. This should produce a bit more heat hence the CO2 just in case. I also turned up my exhaust fan to about 75%.

Currently I am sitting at a steady 77f and 60%RH, 675PM, 6.0PH, 460PPFD…

Day 26 Amy side and top:
24269881 6926 4D49 A768 6844A32D7D60

95AFEC50 87E9 43F4 914E 993D948F446A

Day 26 Rose side and top:
EF9C5C4E 54AC 49D4 92E0 A3248AF139AF

4B1018FB FC14 4776 8CD0 B4A6C0B144FF

Day 26 Garden with lights:
C6044A62 9049 4053 9332 C6AECA616F32

I hope everyone’s grow is going well goodnight all!


Hey Bro, long time no see! Good to see you back at the Farm on another run. Since I saw you last, I've made a run at hydro and now just starting my 2nd grow and loving it.

Pulling up a seat for the show. 🍿


Hey Bro, long time no see! Good to see you back at the Farm on another run. Since I saw you last, I've made a run at hydro and now just starting my 2nd grow and loving it.

Pulling up a seat for the show. 🍿
Hi there @SweetLeafGrow good to hear from you again. Last year was a weird year for me so I didn’t get a chance at another run until now. Also, the almost 1.5lbs I got from my first grow lasted me a long long time. I made everything from Rosin to cookies to cape juice with it and hoarded it all to myself and my wife (except a few ounces as gifts to friends). But here we are!!! What style of hydro are you using now? Do you have a current diary/thread/pictures? 🤪 I’m stoked to have you keeping tabs on this grow!

Well time to do my daily journal entry… ✌🏼
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