Slackinnn on 4K Co2 cage style

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Morocco Blak

Morocco Blak

Hey Budgoggles great thread thanks for sharing. I had a quick question what size centers do you have?I didn't see you mention it anywhere.


Well, ive been growing UC for 3 years now and only now finding this forum. Your thread intrigued me enough to make an account.

I have a 10x20 running a UCDB36 with intake and exhaust with the old blue tubs and uni seal connections, from when they were selling them directly in 2011 or so but just got a brand new DB16 2 months ago to run in a 10x10 sealed room.

my 50 pint is having trouble keeping RH low with lights off. Im seeing like 70-80% now in week 6. Im going to upgrade for my next run and wanted to ask you how your 70 pint is doing.

the jump from a 70 to a 100 is almost double in price so i need to make sure one would be warranted.



I still have your frostitute. I don't know if you still have it, but if you ever need it. I hope you are doing well haven't heard from you in a long time!
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