Solo Cup Challenge - Inspired by Bean throwing Day

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Lets do a solo cup challenge.

We can discuss the rules but here is a rough draft

Seeds only
All pop seeds on the same day (we don't have to wait until Bean throwing Day if thats too long for everyone)
Roots have to grow in the cup. A few roots poking out of the cup is ok, but no roots hanging over 1 inch out of the cup.

Prize goes to First place in dry flower weight and first place in frostiness (voted by participants).

I will put in 50 lemon cheese x lemon haze seeds for each of these winners.

Anybody else who wants to add to the prize pool will be appreciated but not required. Keep it legal though.

@Aqua Man


Did you see your cup? I’d a prolly baled too, OD grows monsters in a cup ! What ya pull off that baby ?

Daaaamn @One drop !! So, that's what you mean by one drop... mans only needs a solo cup to drop some fire on us.


I would love to participate but it has to be depending on the start date, my tent is chuck full until beginning of January (well I bloody hope they have all finished by then)

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