Stems Are Hollow

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How much per gal of soil for top dress?
Top dress I do two tsp for a two gallon pot every two weeks or so. Once you know they are solid you can back off it or go longer without it.
Ive only been using it since last spring and had my first mishap a couple weeks ago. Over did it a bit and had some yellowing and blot hung on the under growth. Tried to blame it on a couple of other things but it happen in the veg and bloom and gypsum was used in both. So I bumped up the food or cut out the water only days as my friend recommended and they grew out of it no problem and were stronger then ever.
I sent my friend snips recently and he’s like wow no hollow stems 😀 which I was having a ton of problems with before.
Also noticing a much more stacked and less stretchy plant in flower especially on older cuts that use to grow like crap. Here’s triangle kush and is as short and stacked as I have ever grown her.
So give it a try you’ll pay more for shipping then the actual product 😅
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