Absolutely amazing photos Steppa! Everything is dialed-in and couldn't be any better... Hopefully you can share some details on how much the plants are eating and if you've done a res change yet. I may have already asked, but are you gonna use an upper trellis to support the colas near harvest, or do you think the screen will keep them in place? :wondering
no rez changes........... and as far as the trellis, I think that Ill probably need something but only on the chem/sat og ones..... the pimp slap will hold its self and the jack is just barely through the screen, Itll be nice because the jack comes down almost 2 weeks before everything else, so I can have a lil room in there to get around. Thinking I'll probably just raise the trellis that is in there now. \

WOW... Really nice job there.

Some details would be great on how much they are drinking, PPM's and how they move and PH stability of the nutes.

What size is your room.
plants are sitting at a solid 1.7 ec or 825 ppm. they were consistently eating 100ml of a and b per day for the last 2 weeks. started seeing a slight N over feeding so I started backing off the base nutes and adding overdrive.

I don't really check Ph but I did yesterday and it was at 5.7.....have never adjusted the ph in these systems........the nutes are stable as can be. the ladies are so perk and beautiful.

room is something like 15 x 40

Picture UPDATE on last page
No worries with zone........

Dutch master is trying to make things good. Seems that there are no adverse effect from the blue zone but as I've said I'm not comfortable pouring it in my rez. I have explained this to the reps and it sounds like they just got some new batches of brown zone on the way.

Hopefully I have a great future rocking Dutchy. It has been my stable base nute for the past 3yrs, and I would hate to even have to look for some other base nuts that's kicks this much ass. And zone will always be a stable in my garden as long aS it is brown and seems right, if not then I will be using hydrofungicide, prob the only replacement for zone at this point.

Keep it sterile or risk it all. Getting day temps down to the high 60's and nights in the high 50's low 60's

Frost as all get out.......harvest starts 2 days after Christmas!
Hey man. I was wondeirng why the sudden change of heart with DM just because a bad batch of zone. I went into the hydro store today, told them call the dudes at DM and tell them we want our brown zone back! He hasnt seen the blue zone but has used the brown zone and said he was gonna get to the bottom of things.

I let them know if they get some brown zone in that i'll get my DM products from them..we didnt want to pop open a brand new bottle but i'll know more tomorrow
it all has to do with the bottle LIDS...... thats how you can tell if they are new.. the old ones used to be like 1/4" seration on the lid and the new blue ones are more like 20oz soda bottles.

anyways....dutchy is back on the up and up in my book....as soon as I get ma zone


Im still waiting on a response from a help desk ticket through DM's website and an email I sent to the general email.

The guy at my hydro shop has been waiting for a return phone call since monday

Im not so happy with their customer service at this point and I dont trust that blue zone
ya I tried contacting them almost 3 months ago through the helpdesk ticket thing and never really got any resolution or answers for that matter.

I have been talking to dutch masters us sales rep and he assures me things are on the up and up and that the blue zone is not an issue........I explained that I didn't trust it and he explained that there was a mix up with the supplier of one chemical in the mix. The original supplier ran out and they had to switch, once they realized that the product they switched to was throwing off the mix they immediatly switched back. Its really weird because when the Reps were in town we talked about the blue zone I had been seeing and they had no idea about it yet when I got home and cracked the sample bottles they had given me, the zone was blue and coagulated. Too bad I didn't think to crack one open while they were there.......

Dutch master will make things right. Hopefully they are shipping out new bottles of zone all over the US as we speak


Chillin' in the Shade...
Fuck... Couldn't find the old Zone yesterday and my hydro shop assured me that the blue Gold label Zone is normal... Guess I'll be the guinea pig and test this shit in the UC... Also picked up a sample bottle of Gold label Add.27 and Dyna Gro Pro-TeKt Silicon solution... :icon_spin:
CES anybody tried them

DM 1st I'd like to say two thumbs up!! awesome room great work! I was wondering if you or any of the other farmers have tried the Cutting Edge Solutions? It's a 3 part w/3 additives, I was using AN and just had to many stability problems for that much cash! So I'm trying the cutting edge guys from Humboldt, so far so good and about half the cash!! Just started week two of bloom and the girls are loving it.
So far very stable, and very simple to use and my girls love it. And half the cash! :party0042:
So anybody else rolling with the CES? Would like to hear how its working for other farmers.

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