Strains that have helped with ASD and ADHD.

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For my ASD I like to take the strains to 40-50% amber trichomes before harvest. I stay away from anything too heavy on the sativa side, and anything that has a heavy orange or lemon limonene scent and flavor. It just gets me more worked up over little things. But as has been mentioned though terpenes affect everyone differently. Hash works better than flower in small amounts for me. Although, I pretty much can't do anything for the 1st 30 mins after smoking some, lol.

Some strains I prefer: Purple or OG Kush, Cheese, Grape Ape and other grape strains.

I also take kratom for my ASD. It helps immensely with the anxiety I get from social situations, and with the OCD like symptoms.


I have not actually used hash. I will have to try it.

this is my current grow.
20221124 162453

20221124 162525

Both are White Banner and sitting in same res so what I think I will do is harvest just 1 as I would normally and then let the other sit for a week or more before I harvest it. I know they could have different pheno traits but this will at least allow me to do an as close comparison of flowering time.
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