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Nice garden

How are you Sub?
Very good journal. One day I will pu8t together a journal like this, XLNT.
I love to see good work and that is some great stuff.
Outdoor is a challenge most never master.
I grew a Jacks cleaner that yielded pretty damn well for a clone, really well actually.
Anyhoo I miss outdoor already and will prolly put at least one outside to get a feel for my new environment.


Beautiful, just beautiful. Giving away free buds to sick patients is what growing and smoking marijuana should symbolize...peace, love and kindness. That was a very noble and caring thing that you guys did...I am inspired to grow my own medicinal outdoor garden!



Jawdropping Subcool. Big league skills to keep those girls so happy to fruition. And what's even better than your growing prowess is you heart. It's very moving to see your compassion and dedication to helping people who need it so desperately.

I've always had to do my grows indoors and I'm just wandering around and checking out the garden. Could you or someone clue me into the covering? Is it for a 'greenhouse' effect, stealth, to spread the light in some way or all or none of the above?:sign0065:

Thanks so much for sharing... the cow pics alone are priceless!

Peace & MUCH Karma!:character0103:


hahaha...that's funny that you say that! I gave a bud to the pizza guy for bringing us food way up in the mountains. He could smell it when he dropped off the food and said he wanted to trade his tip back for "a Pinch" I left him a Blue Cheese bud in a paper bag. I hope it helped make his 4th of july a little more fun and relaxing!


Too bad he got banned, i loved his fourm and i will miss it not being here, Anywho great looking plants! peace


DAm thats the sickest thread ive ever seen here in my short time, I hope there are plenty more to come

Burned Haze

I am late on your grow, But man your plants are huge. Being a caregiver is alot of work but it is worth it when you see those peoples faces, actually getting good medicine you know?

Thats some impressive bushes man. Props to you man!



I was curious of the same, MedDude. I looked around and couldn't find an answer. I'm sure Logic has good reasons, he's always been a reasonable guy in my opinion.



So do the ladybugs keep your plants protected. WOuld it be a good idea to start a colony if one was growing outdoors.



Money, Ego, Pride, Guilt, business, split.

Too bad.

Friendship is worth so much more.

You would think this grow would be a prime example of that.

None of the former mounts up to anything but a hill of beans in the vast eyes of brilliant friendship.

Wounds heal, time ticks, and some friends find each other again.


what a interesting thread....i can not wait until i can see my girls really grow to their potential...
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