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Due to the fact the bacterial cultures start to replicate within 4-8 hours of application, and fungal cultures will take 12-16 hours to germinate, the best way to apply the bennies is by brewing a tea for 24 hours.

IF you are in soil, you only need to add a mycorrhizal product like the nute pack once or twice as early as possible in the plant life cycle, and again when you pot up to a bigger size. It is better to apply as a powder, not in tea, and mix at the rate of 1/4 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon per gallon of soil.

Here is a tea recipe copied from ICMAG, with my own twist, that will put your plants in to a happy state of being.

1) Add 4 gallons non-chlorinated water a 5 gallon bucket.

2) Add 100 ml of regular unsulphured black strap molasses, you can get this from the grocery store.

3) pH solution to 6.5-7.0 (not necessary, but helps).

3) Throw in a cup of earth worm castings.

4) Add 1 tablespoon per gallon of each OG Biowar root and foliar packs.

4) Bubble with an air stone and air pump for anywhere between 1-24 hours. Bubblng ess time will give you more species diversity. More time will give you more bacteria, but may also reduce diversity as some species will outpopulate others as they compete for food.

5)Unplug air. Strain again with a cheesecloth, or let settle and take off the top.

5) Dilute 1-2 cups per 5 gallons and add to the reservoir, or use as an individual drench. This works GREAT in a turbo or easy cloner, or even on your cuttings in a dome.

Now, the bacteria will die off no matter what if there is nothing for them to eat, so really you are killing bacteria all the time in a hydro setting, where there is no soil that is "breaking down"

The packs are a mix of a shitload of bacteria, but they rarely all go to work right away when they are applied. some make it and some don't, it depends on their environment and what they have to process. This is why you want to add 1x per week.

Additional goodies:
Add a couple of handfuls of alfalfa meal in with the earth worm castings, to provide a great boost to plant vitality.

Apply tea once a week or every other week for best results during veg and flower

Can be used up to flush.

I have found that this tea will deter all soil borne pathogens and insects, especially if using the foliar pack. I have successfully used this tea to destroy a fungus gnat population and keep my roots white and pythium free. There are other farmers here that have used it to kill their root aphid infestations.

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dirk d

dirk d

very nice Cap, heard a lot of good things about that alfalfa meal. been brewing my own bene teas for several months now.


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Awesome, thanks for the recipe mang! I am switching back to soil this round and really want to concentrate on ACT's and all around root health!


Whats your ailment?
Awesome, thanks for the recipe mang! I am switching back to soil this round and really want to concentrate on ACT's and all around root health!

Whattup! How ya been bro? When you're in soil, ACT's and root health is crucial. Stoked you're makin the switch back to soil.


Excellent!! I have made 5 small tea batches with that foliar you gifted me. Each time I check my girls I find less things that need fixing! I found one gnat today! Gottem!
This was soo bad Cap, I think I already posted elsewhere, I was getting ready to chop my whole stable, and start again from clones.. saved me weeks of work.
Your tea looks delicious, I will have to give it a try.
In flower now so I would add higher P-K guano... good?

Buddy Hemphill

You might get a link to a website that sells cd's and has the best ACT info in the land....:winking0067:

I use the same recipe Cap uses here and I have had STUPIDLY good results.

Bennies...O2....food for them....

how does that get outdated?

Thats the hardest hitting, newest recipe on the web, as a matter of fact.


Nobody else is starting with the spores cap is...not in one product anyway.

This tea recipe is the shit son.


Coolio brother... I found some in water soluble form... do you know what would be an adiquate amount to add to the tea?


Hey Cap! Thanks for the packs! Had root aphids about a month ago and thought I was fucked after reading about em here on the farm. I posted about it here and a buncha folks told me to scrap my grow. I`m glad I did`nt listen. A few Spectra dunks, hackin all the roots off the net pots and them lil fuckers left me a going away present. After the roots started growing back I noticed this slimy crap growing all over the new roots and I panicked. I had been poring in H202, Zone, everything I could thing of and the slim kept growing. I dont know shit about bennies but decided to purchase ur root pack as a last resort. Check it bro. Three weeks later, never seen plants this healthy in all my 20+ years of growing. The leaves look fake, shiny and perfect. I hope my plants dont look outdated. I dont give a shit if ur recipe is outdated, nonsense, it works, period! THANKS CAP!



Never foliared tea before but just mixed my first batch with your foliar pack,gw,re,castings. Wondering if I can foliar it straight up or should I dilute it. Thanks.
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