Tell us something unique about your growing style or an admission of something that goes against grower wisdom.

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I recently had a confrontation with cleanliness in the grow area. Right now my big problem is there are only 24 hours in a day.

Work has exploded and I have way too much work to do for my 2 jobs. In a recent grow, I decided I didn't like some of the new strains I grew, and let them hang from the ceiling until I needed a place to hang a newly chopped plant. The old plant had active spider webs in it, between branches. These were not mites.

I'm constantly saying, "When I have time, I'll…" …clean up, …add another circuit and a new tent, …try out the Octopots I bought last year… Now I realize I'll have time to do all this when I dump one of these fucking jobs. The one where I'm not the boss will be going bye-bye. I'm actually working NOW, but it's so boring I have to drop in here to yak about growing pot.


I thought this could be a fun thread..

Tell us something unique/unorthodox about your growing style.

I have an admission. I've never once foliar fed a plant. 🤫
I prefer bins
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IMG 20201008 094343

20 quarts laid flat........moisten the medium with off gassed tap water until its the moist consistency that's not saturated but mildly moist throughout. Once it's moist I plant ...then just watering increases as it grows. Done ok so far. There's no drainage in these bins.....I've been lucky I guess,or careful with my watering. My substrate comes amended so I only top dress manure compost to 1 cup per 20 quarts. Bueno


I like to keep it super simple now, I don't even check ph let alone try and alter it.
Just measure out the nutes and pour it all over.

Plants seem to come out alright most of the time. I really can't be bothered buying this and that new sensationalized product and changing every little thing about my grow when things turn out ok without all that BS.

Keep it simple because I'm stupid is what I say!!


I smoke in my grow all the time, I mean sometimes I do it elsewhere but then I go back and smoke in my grow after. When I slaughter my meat chickens i do it in front of my layers too. You should see there faces.....CIrcle of life and all. They still love me after.
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