this is what budder is!

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Independent testing so far, but in a better location now :) so will have officiall results in a couple months

-Oil Dragon
interesting...what do u mean by independent testing? u mean u run a machine?...if u ever wanna get some quik affordable con tests, gotcha covered..just gotta link sample..prob 4 day turn around-
pm if u like..
Chances of breaking 96 or 7 percent and still getting a buttery texture are very incredibly low--if not then I question the analytical methods for testing (and that's not actually outlandish--if they are doing a solvent extraction to determine percentages [likely] then they'll bee getting rid of any inclusion impurities of a gaseous nature from the material).
just empty yer tube right away after running and they empty super easy. use some kind of flat bladed poker like a hacksaw blade too, or kitchen utensil handle.
i use a long bladed flat screw driver and i use that ti pusha golf tee into it,,the tee shape helps to push the tube clean with one pass usually hth j
I have to agree with this guy....I am from the same city as budderking and have smoked his budder numerous times and i also make BHO out of killer strains all the time and its 2 completely different products. I personally dont like to whip my own BHO. Budderking budder is truley devistating IME my first time i was uncomfy high for 6 hrs off 2 hits. I gave a guy 1 hit once and he missed work the next day.
i bethca feel kinda silly now, two yrs later and budder is jus bho huh??lol
syn760,, im gonna pm ya for link to test? does it matter where its sent from in the states? im a nonmed state


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well a hotknife is kind of harsh, i prefer to water cool my hotknife hits thru a small bubbler, that works well. largest hit i have done is a .7, but i know someone who did a full 1.0 gram hit.
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