UC Pro's Dream House. 8 site 20kw

Why harvest so early? Majority of the hairs are still white. Nowhere near ripe

Sick run tho on the pro. Might have to talk to my buddy about getting one of these to add to the mix
photo (17).JPG

Water culture works awesome when all goes well, When it doesent its a total loss. I couldnt find any in between.
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I just want to be consistent. When you have to tell customers that there wont be any work, they will go elsewhere. Which is un acceptable . If guys are growing 10 pound plants outside in dirt. I think I can pull a 2.5 avg indoors in dtw coco. Ill start a thread next run, seems pretty good so far, Dont really like fighting the gnats though...

Well Ghetto here are my 2 cents from everything you have shared with us. I believe the culprit to a few of your issues stems from your attempt at water recycling for everything in your grow including feeding. Once your water has passed through any form of copper coils, like a chiller, dehuey, ect. then leaching begins and it is a silent and slow killer. Water coming out of a dehuey is practically worthless for what we are doing here and I feel that if you were using a better watering system you would not have had the problems you did. You do great work, there is no denying that. It's the details that get us all like that.