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The say 99.9% of people need a carbon filter and a fan

welcome to 0.1% it's nice to be 1 in 1000 ;)

That's right I have no intake or extract the tent is left unzipped a little and a desk fan inside the tent ;)


Flattened the reflector out last night to reduce the amount of light I reflect then rearranged the reflector so all the light falls on the plants. It's probably not so easy to feel from this picture but the reflector hangs at a 45° angle



I think Mr Stretch has gone on holiday ;) ~Day 18

I had a blockage in the watering system which caused some more leaf burn but nothing severe fixed the watering the pipe I was using had a kink causing 1 stack not to get water so I replaced the pipe with brand new. All works ok now will have to keep an eye on that.


You can see the leaf damage easier in the 2nd photo I've cut it off now. Leaves had drooped slightly when I caught it, next time will dripper/recirc with hydro but not over summer

BC is last shot


I fitted 2 empty pots to make it easier to hand water on top the BC so the top of the black pots are 1.2m tall. These are in coco they've had a hard life lol, I overfed them almost killing one of the plants and you can still see the evidence in the lower plants and burnt them with the light. Hardy bastards these BC I think they're Barneys

Whilst I was accessing the plants on the opposite side I pushed the reflector into the bud canopy oops, I've snipped the burnt bits off since this pic and I doubt I'll even notice it as there's bud sites behind it to fill in it's role. The hole is a little more worrying and a direct result of overfeeding. I think that's going to cost an oz I should have used the netting to scrog it out and then the hole wouldn't have been an issue but I didn't most of the wall is freestyled except for the GG4.

I will definitely add netting for support when the buds get bigger so we don't get snappage or collapsing into the light.


This isn't mine it's someone else's but good to see other's having fun out there, you can see the curve better on theirs I let the BC get too big which created a sort of bulge in my curve lol.

I'm interested to see how the really small plants do this tent is on permanent 12/12 the big plants have been in just over 14 days. The small plants were potted in just before they took this photo. I don't know these people my mate sent me these pics but I do like what they're doing. Personally though I would put the big plants in 1 stack so they can be harvested easily. I like what they've done with the net splitting it into 3 pieces that way you can remove a stack easily and replace going properly perpetual.


45C in the grow room last night which is not good the picture looked less blurry on the camera lol.

UK is cooling off overnight in the next few days according to the weather so fingers crossed relief comes sooner rather than later.
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45c :(

looks busy in there now
Yesterday was exceptionally hot in the UK today it's about 10c cooler over night tonight which is a godsend I'm hoping yesterday was just a blip.

They won't last long at 45c but at moment I think I'm going to be on for my goal. If we can keep temps 35c or less, the plants have spent their whole life at 35c basically lights on and seemed to be ok.

Yes 29c would have been better lol.
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