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likes to smell trees.
thanks for all you guys and ladies have and continue to do for us...we all know freedom isn't free but many our brothers and sister still to this day pay the price...I've been lucky to have been picked up by the wounded warrior foundation, they're helping me deal with a few issues and are just great folks...I give back what I can with my service dog Dutch...folks love to just be near him, is that too much to ask... View attachment 368505
LOL at your dogs boner.
New bill would allow the VA to recommend medical marijuana for patients
By Emily Wax-Thibodeaux November 25

Amy Rising grinds up medical marijuana before smoking. Rising, an Air Force veteran, has been working on legislation for veterans’ freedom to treat PTSD with medical cannabis. (Photo by Kevin Cook for The Washington Post)
Arguing that medical marijuana may help wounded warriors with anxiety and stress disorders to “survive and thrive,” Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) have introduced legislation that would allow Department of Veterans Affairs’ doctors to recommend the drug for some patients.

The Veterans Equal Access Act and would challenge the Va’s policy that forbids doctors from consulting about medical pot use. Earlier this month, The Washington Post reported about the issue.

Can Tho, Vietnam, June, 1968 - June, 1970.
235 Armed Helicopter Co., 1st Aviation Brigade, U.S. Army
Crew Chief, Cobra Helicopter Gunship.
A mentor of mine died last year after battling lung cancer for five years. Never smoked, he served as a helo pilot clearing trees with AO. After his diagnosis he wanted to visit a hundred countries. He got to 75 or so.

Thank you for your service.