What is the most powerful strains for sleep?

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I'm looking for strains that their main effect is they knock an insomniac to sleep. What strains would fit this category and why?
Any indica strain will work, I also make it into canna oil using coconut oil. I’ve been smoking for 30 years so I alternate to give my lungs a break. My favorite way now is to take some oil( I don’t make brownies anymore or anything, no sugar) and then take a couple puffs off the vaporizer to kick it in AND believe me you WILL go nite nite lol I have it timed perfectly now I can be high all day and by evening I’m ready for bed! If you do nothing and lounge you will be asleep on the couch!


Rather than looking for a strain that may or may not be what you're looking for, it would help a lot more to identify terpenes that help you sleep. The newest science shows terpenes are greatly responsible for medicinal effects in cannabis. The reason I avoid going for a strain specifically is that it could grow very differently based on the breeder (gelato from Cookies and gelato from another breeder are going to be two totally different strains). Furthermore, if you find a strain you really like, what if you can't get it anymore? Back to the drawing board. By identifying the terps that help you most, you can look for high levels of them in the strains you're getting. That way you always get the effect you need. That being said:

Triangle Kush
Snake Eyes
Wedding Cake
Kush Mints
Ice Cream Cake
Purple Punch
King Louis
Secret Triangle

Also, try edibles, longer lasting effect and you absorb more medicine. Specifically I'd recommend a 3:1 CBD/THC edible, very relaxing for bedtime or try a tincture, especially Delta 8 is great for sleep.

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