What kind of grinder do you use?

What kind of grinder do you use?

  • Mendo Mulcher

    Votes: 10 9.1%
  • Space Case

    Votes: 34 30.9%
  • Sharpstone

    Votes: 22 20.0%
  • Chromium Crusher

    Votes: 8 7.3%
  • Mix’n Ball

    Votes: 3 2.7%
  • Trueblendz

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Other

    Votes: 32 29.1%

  • Total voters
Well, I have never owned a grinder and I am finally gonna pull the trigger and order one up. Was hoping I could hear what everyone uses or has used and liked/disliked.

Thanks for all the input.
What size grinder is that one Dazed? I don't know if I should go with a 2.5 or 3".

I never break up huge amounts just a joint/blunt or some bowls. It looks like ebay has good prices on grinders any thoughts on getting one from there?
I was just looking over the sharpstones on ebay, they have some good prices. I am looking at this 5pc 2.25" Sharpstone and I think it looks like a good deal. I just dont know if I need a extra screen, might be worth it though.

5pc Sharpstone
cosmic case is the way to go. but i remember payin like $45 for mine, and it shits all over a space case for $100+.
and mix n ball aren't as good as they use too be.

but now i just want one of them bubble boxes. those thing are soo bad ass.
I'm completely happy with my SpaceCase, I had a couple no-name jobbies prior to that which were junk in comparison.
I do agree SpaceCase make very nice grinders, a little expensive (but quality), but I have had a sharp stone for quite some time now and have had no complaints.


i use a plastic electric grinder have used it for years there ten bucks and beats any hand grinder anyday look up eletric herb grinder on ebay and get the one that looks like a fan the ones that look like mag lites suck and break often
The Electrical Herb Grinders are the shit!! Toss in a nug screw on the little container hit the switch and walla!! Perfectly ground herd depending on how much you want it ground up depends on how long you run the grinder they will straight turn that shit too dust if you want!
Heres a link too the one I use!! Have used this kind for a couple years now wont use anything else! The best thing is the look you get when you break this baby out in a room full of people, its sure too get the rooms attention! lol!


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Best Grinder

I've used many grinders, but the ones in two halves with the posts/shredders all over the place how do you get your weed back out. I have one that I was given with a purchase and it still has most of the weed I tried to shred in it. For the best grind I use a coffee grinder, they are the shit. All you do is remove the top, drop in some weed, hit the button a couple of times, and dump out the weed. Mostly I just use scissors



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I like both my sharpstone and my Space case. Both lifetime quality. My sharpstone threads easier then my Spacecase.
I just bought a 3in titanium spacecase w/a kief catcher. $120. Also picked up a glass on glass attachment for the bong. Absolutly Revolutionized my vaping. No joke. Finally getting a A+ hit is priceless. Awsome purcase. Cant give enough praise for the combo. No buyers remorse here.

They also make great gifts for the stoner who would 'never spend good money on shit like that'. I used to be that 'guy'

The reason im throwin that in is because I got a kiefbox/rollin box thing for a gift, cost her close to $300. Ranks in the top 5 gifts ive ever rec. I use the thing contantly.


I use the party size wooden sweatleaf grinder cost me 20 when I was in canada about 6 years ago. Some of the best money I ever spent, and when It gets all gacked up just through some kind of nut, peanut, walnut, cashew in there and grind, works like magic.