Who Has The Best Blueberry-tasting Strain?

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GBS Genetics
One of these days real soon, I'll have a sit down with Raskal about this pack and get it right from the source on what the truth is...

If the line Im working with is 25%, thats even more of a challenge to me....Ive seen nothing but kush dominant plants from these lines with no hint of being bred to any dog lines.
Ive run the F gens down to F3 and planning to take it even further before starting the BX's....if there is any sort of Chem in my lines, Im thinking they would have already shown themselves...not a hint.

Heres one for you guys...

I crossed Caliconnections Aliendog V2 which I believe is Chemdog D x Alien kush , back to my Alien Kush.

If my Alien Kush was 25% Alien tech and 50% was Chem, crossing it back to Aliendog (which would actually make aliendog 75% chem) would compound the dog genetics more so than to lean towards alien...right? Especially when the Kush side is dominant over the Chem side in my tests...
But this is not what Im seeing....

Heres a couple of crosses I made that shows Alien tech dom...

Russell Wilson OG

Advak (Aliendog V2 x Alien Kush F2)



Alien Kush F1

Alien Genetic's very own version of the strain known as, "Alien Kush" is a nearly pure Indica heavy hybrid that is not to be confused with the Alien Kush created by the famed Swerve of Cali Connection Seeds. This LVPK(Las Vegas Purple Kush) and Alien Technology hybrid churns out short and stalky plants that quickly fill in with average sized yields of extremely dank and ridiculously frosty buds that ripen to perfection in only 8-9 weeks indoors and by the end of September outdoors. Overall, the "Alien Kush" is a very easy plant to grow and is a great choice for beginning cultivators as she responds well to common mistakes made by newer growers like over-feeding or under-watering. Once dried and cured to completion the "Alien Kush" exudes a rather complex terpene profile that's earthy, Kushy and hash-like flavor and aroma also has a slightly sweet undertone that hides beneath it's thick and bold smoke. Her nearly pure Indica dominant effects start off fairly light and euphoric with only minor psychoactive effects. Then, as soon as your let your guard down and you least expect it, it's sneaks up on you with a force and knocks you clean off your feet and into tomorrow.


GBS Genetics
Here is a 4 x multi-hybrid showing Alien Tech traits...
Look at the sugar leaf curl...
I compounded the dawg side multiple times in this cross,...but dominant alien traits seem to show at a higher percentage....is what I would expect from Alien Kush lines if they were LVPK x Alien Tech

Alien DawgPoo F1
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if there is any sort of Chem in my lines, Im thinking they would have already shown themselves...not a hint.
What traits would show?

I'm still stuck on how similar the Alien Tech/Chemdog D looks when compared to the Alien Tech/LVPK.

Strikingly similar genotypes [from these pics at least].

alienx079 (1).jpg

78ed8f12d8fd357a6b3b559d33894d2c_1414440872 (1).JPG



Blueberry Apple Alien Warp

(DJ Short Blueberry/Alien kush F2) x (Sour Apple IBL/Tahoe Alien)

Pacific Northwest Roots / Green Beenz Seeds BLUE ALIEN

Heirloom dj short blueberry (pre-99) Sativa pheno (source:Lemonhoko) This is the blueberry all others want to be, amazing terps and a daytime stone that won't drop you off on the couch. Her structure needed help and the resulting cross retained all that was good and added more color and structure without compromising the aromatic reward. Hybrid hash makers dream. Big yeilds


Alien Genetics
(Sour Apple IBL x Tahoe Alien) The range of flavors and aromas in this hybrid is wild, all of them landing within the tropical fruit and candy palettes. There are three standout phenos to search for... The first smells and tastes exactly like Grape Big League Chew. The second is very similar to a Sour Apple Jolly Rancher. The third is a wild tropical pineapple candy with strong OG fuel undertones. All phenos have a very complex sweet skunk that keeps us coming back for more. These testers finished in 56-63 days and produced dense golf ball shaped flowers that show great possibilities for production. • This will be our final hybrid made with the Tahoe Alien. We decided to use the remaining TA pollen stored in the freezer to create this strain, and to remake Fruity Pebble OG and Alien Rock Candy F1s with the original parents. The Tahoe Alien male has done his final dusting and is officially retired. Fresh seeds of Fruity Pebbles and ARC will be available sometime later this summer. • We are very excited with the test results from this #AlienAppleWarp seed run and look forward to releasing this hybrid to the public.




I have Lems BB sativa clone it is nice But Jack's Beanstalk probably had the best Bb mixed in with a yeti gsc.
It came thru very well on that pc and I didn't keep it like I should've.

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