Wtc, Gg4, And Gsc

Here are the shots I took of the roots on the GSC clones. I decided to trim these back all the way to my finger. Out of 3 clones these 2 gave me the results I was looking for. I'll keep the short one as a mom and run the other one in a project I have coming up. Ass soon as the plug dries I will transplant. Maybe tonight. When I trim the roots I refill the cell pod with a rich organic mix. I clone in light warrior soil wait 2 weeks pull the dome off wait a week and chop the roots wait about 4 to 5 days and the clones have a much stronger and robust root system. Guaranteed. The point is to trim the tap to promote more feeder roots.
On a side note I can have my clones ready to transplant about 2 to 3 days after I pull the dome. I just like to build my roots. In my eyes the extra time it takes for the roots to grow back is worth a lot more than transplanting your clone too early and have slower growth rates until the plant matures on its own.
This project is a no go. I found pollen sacs. I will try again but with some adjustments just to make sure it wasn't my fault and not the strain. Next time I will repot into a 1 gallon pot before I put her into flower. I will also try it with and older plant.
Small update on clones.
I transplanted the GSC clones earlier this week. putting them back in the cell pods worked. All the clones are ready for transplant. I got 2 my 2 moms and the cuts ready to start veg. Sadly I can only work with 2 and the rest must go. I dont have a ton of space atm and need to make room for more strains.

My 2 moms GG4 on the left GSC on the right.

The rest of the gang.
3 GG4 left. 2GSC right.

Results of root trimming. All I have to do now is slowly build the rootball. The feeder roots look amazing.
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GG4 is at 4 weeks today
I think this one has more trichomes on it than the wtc. The stink on this one is extremely pungent. Smells like a keeper. Her structure is amazing I wish I could have kept her in veg longer but it would throw off my perpetual schedule.

Without further ado... I present to you.



This past week was hell for my schedule. I am still behind on my perpetual grow op but I'm just about caught up.

I transplanted my next run on 3/2 which will consist of GG4 and WTC. They'll be in their 1 gallon pot for a few weeks. I used a groundswell soil mix of roots big worm casting, Peruvian seabird guano, some alfalfa meal, and mykos. They were in 4 inch pot going to a 1 gallon.

This one is the WTC. She is about 2 weeks older than the GG4 she will go in with.

This is the GG4. I am working on this one but it's being a pain in the ass. It looks like it HAS to be topped multiple times in order for it to branch out how I need it to.

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This WTC will be the next one to go into flower. She has a good 2 weeks to get those tops up. I trimmed back the branches to leave 5 shoots per branch. It'll be a good 2 weeks of supercropping for this one. She got the same treatment as the others. Groundswell soil, RootsEwc, guano, alfalfa meal. She went from 1 gal to 3 gal.
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