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Hobbit Hole

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by The Jewels, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Our doorway for the basement access tucks under the second story stairwell . The opening is only about 5 ft tall , and for as long as we have lived here, we have lovingly referred it to it as "The Hobbit Hole" .

    My wife is licenced for 20 plants, and last fall we started getting busy down there.
    ,,,and we built this 20190217_104402.jpg

    It does not appear much , but , that photo illustrates the successful manipulation of the environment . I had carved out a space that could provide heat, light and humidity for our endeavour .
    The basement location has a concrete floor. I keep a porcelain cup full of water on the bare floor, today it was 8 degrees Celsius. The ambient air in the room is fairly consistent day and night at 13 Celsius .
    For the garden space , I shrouded in a nook that has drywall on three sides. I cordoned off a bubble of plastic film lining the walls and opening. I then installed an additional layer, this time using blue house wrap, seen in all the photos . I have never seen anyone else use it , although, it was free and I had a whole roll of it . I figured if it could keep moisture out of a house, it could keep moisture in a grow room.
    The blue material comprises one entire wall and also the pedestrian opening . The final dimensions of the room are just short of 6 feet wide and I ran it about 12 ft long . I ended up closing in a flower room at the far end. I may have goofed up the ratio somewhat. The flower room as it sits right now is the full five and a half feet wide , but I only took four and a half feet depth. 0e31c38f-2b41-4284-9281-f8dfc716a575.jpg
    I perhaps should have gone for more depth.
    We will see .

    Something I should admit @ this point - to anyone interested, is I am shooting for a zero buget build.
    I have kept ponds and aquariums for years now , and I own just about every tool I know how to use. I seem to have everything I need it on hand to get this project rolling .
    And while I am in the confessional, I will also mention that the grow that I am documenting is already in progress- I have the plants in flower at the moment.
    I considered jumping in from today but, I felt introductions were in order, as I have been lurking on this site for some time and I wanted to post up my adventure ,so anyone smarter than me can avoid all of the stupid things that I have done over the last few months.
    I have been keeping a consistent photo log of these plants growth and development .
    So we start at the beginning . 20190227_145501.jpg
    This is a jar,,,notice there is no weed in it.
    That is the beginning and the end right there, my friend.
    I want this jar to be full of weed so I decided I was going to have to do something about that .
    On our first crack everything went along swimmingly . Seedling came up, went hard , vegged for a bit, and was totally a dude.
    That was fun.
    Had another go at it .Planted two this time .
    Still no luck ..Alls balls .
    I am getting pissy now . They were some fine plants .I tell myself that it is a learning experience and indeed I was starting to get some confidence - I am battling to provide a comfy environment for these things despite the harsh surrounding conditions. I know I can keep them alive now ---I just need some pink !
    They were nice enough, just no good to me .
    Winter was setting in. Things were getting chilly .
    I know these boys got to go, so I decide to f*** with them a little bit. How
    would you like to spend the night without a heater ?
    That was 13 C.
    Bastards looked fine the day .
    So I cut them down

    It was looking like a sad Christmas.
    Dont despair,,,
    Santa brought me these Angels.
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  2. Interesting grow. What strain are you growing?
  3. Dec 30th
    20181230_022624_HDR.jpg Happy new Year !
    Late to the party.
    Certainly Welcome 20181231_005410.jpg
    Jan 2nd
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  4. I think the males were all Northern lights.
    These ones are Death Bubba ? Bubble? Murder? Am I talking sense ?
    I dunno they, were gifted to my wife .
    Perhaps I forget .
    She would know.
  5. Here is the leggy xmas sprouts
    10 days from heads up
    Look good, both ways
  6. 11 days up
    20190107_225610.jpg Her first split leaf was a five pointer.
    I was proud .
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  7. January 9th
    ,,, sooo, they are a full week (10 days) or
    2 weeks old (14 days)
    They are all 4 supposedly the same and
    I dont know who is who @ this point.
    I thought of them collectively. 20190109_195402_HDR.jpg
  8. 11 days
    Two days later
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  9. Repot 18 days .
    Moved to 400 hid
  10. Found my C02 meter and got a box of juice .
    Stay tuned
    S*** starts get'n outta hand.
  11. So I started adding the liquid nutes,,,
    7 days later -
    'Member those little guys narrower than the buckect ?
    Here they are
    20190122_223807.jpg 20190122_223804.jpg
    lil wider now
    ,,,and taller

    Ask jebus - for real .
    I dont know how that happened.
    I do know- I only own two white buckects
    They ARE the same plants as previous post.
    I am new at this; although, I thought only bad things happen that fast .
  12. Madbud


    Nice start, Good luck. What’s the light schedule?
  13. Thanks, friend.

    I am vegging them with the lights on 24/7 .
    If I switch off the 400 watt light - I need to turn on the 700 watt heater .

    I figures, if the metre is running - I chose the photon.
  14. Madbud


    Same here for now. Talk about zero budget, i recycled the cups.
    14 days, 20C, 30rh:
  15. Yeah, the bank called - said I had waaay too much money,,, gonna start buying some useless shit .

    There is a tab atop the grow dairies page, if you click it - free of charge- you too, can have your very own journal .
    Take lots of photo's , post it up . Plenty of kind, wise , patient and experienced growers found here. It is a great way to communicate, and tune your game.

    So today was a pretty big deal for this guy .
    Finally, after more than three months of vigilant husbandry - she shows !!
    I get a little excited snap some photo's,,, and join this forum .

    I heard someone on the farm quote Ninja, and threaten to go "full retard" if they could jar up 7 Z'ds.
    I sprout two white pubes - and I feel I've hit the lotto ! Berserker! Im'a going to Disneyland!
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  16. So now that I feel I am 'in the game'
    I again reflect upon the jar,,
    The jar is hard to fill; it takes time, it takes luck, experience, diligence, patience, and unfortunately-lots of other stuff I dont have .
    One thing for certain, no matter how fast I can fill that jar, the old ladies hand will be in their more often than mine.
    Can I fill it faster than it can be emptied ?
    I am not sure if I can grow thru JunJulAug; too hot?
    I am doin the math in my head and counting the veg and fluer time between now and the heat of summer .
    Common held anxiety?
    I need contingencies, I need volume.

    Time to pot up, evacuate the 4 X T5HO nursery, and get all four under "the big light"
    I ask the household bean counter for another round of seed, and I set upon a marathon of reading; I need a crash cloning course.
    27 days from heads up .
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  17. "So, did you plant those seeds" ?
    I am about to have a conversation with my wife, and already, I do not like the way it is going
    "What seeds"? I replied to the ( now ) wide-eyed woman I love .

    Honestly, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or eat them; they looked delicious.
    If I was a quitter I wouldn't be smok'n the herb, now would I ?
    To quote Mickey Knox in Natural born Killers
    "I say go for it"
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  18. Madbud


    Congratulations, its a girl. Yeah i did a semi diary last year, Ghetto Grow. Lots of mistakes, mostly impatience lol
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  19. Two in the dirt, two in the squirt.

    Six days later .
    Two weeks after the sprouting incident.
    Had some free space on veg table. Brought the snap peas under the hood.
    The leggy dirts are exhiled over on the right of the photo

  20. Enough of the kiddie stuff, this is about the big fish.

    Trouble in the new flower room.

    I didnt have a solid floorplan when I banged up the room.
    I had been lurking for months, and the only insight I had for was the need for infrastructure, and elbow room.

    Decades of aquarium disasters, and having raised children has taught me one absolute fact
    - One day it will all hit the fan .
    Someone will trip on it, someone will put all their weight on it.
    The biggest security issue around here is protecting my family from my medlings .
    Will it get hot enough to cause a fire?,,
    Is it leaking one drop? Failure is hidden behind every corner, one day I will bend over, bump my behind into it, and when it hits the floor it will be broken.
    I am my own worst enemy.

    To prepare the growspace, I went as wide as space would allow, at about 5 and half foot ..I ran the lengthy to about 10? 11 feet.
    I hate working in tight spaces.
    I was too inexperienced to invision the whole operation before hand, so the flower room was kinda thrown up on demand .
    I felt like I brought the baby home from the hospital, and then realized I didn't have a crib.

    "Hey Jewels?
    Did you just build a door out of a futon bench"

    I told you I was on a zero budget
    I am $ 99 in and $ 4.95 gst goes to our glorious Federal gov. I will gladly pay your tax .

    Kiss my a$ $ - Im'a grow'n weeeeed!
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