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  • Hey Squiggly, are you still active? I have some interesting pictures on trichome resin and would like your input. Thanks!
    This is apropos to the effects of psychoactive and pharmaceutical mixtures on physiology.

    I happened across your thread on Propranolol and smoking weed. I have a Prop prescription for presentations, but since I occasionally panic when smoking potent strains (high THC Sativas that I need for creativity), I was wondering if Propranolol would help that or kill my high.

    Have you mixed, and what were the effects?
    Hello sir, can you start a thread about your thought on RO. I have plenty of question about using RO with a UC system and EZ-cloner, but I think if you have to expalin it to one you could explain it to all. I am sure ther are plenty of growers trying to figure out if RO was or is the right move for a UC system. We all want to do as best we can as much as our pockets will allow at any given time.
    +hey got the time to talk? Im in the north east and ln2 is no problem up here for me I can get it by the tens of gallons at a time, I have the containers to use it, how do I get an oil from it? ive seen the dry ice methods and I don't want keif I want an oil is that possible?
    Hey Squiggly,

    I've been reading your posts and would love to talk with you about an opportunity here is Colorado. When can we have a 5 minute conversation?

    Best ,

    Hey squiggly, I'm fairly new here and appreciate your intelligent posts. Thanks. In one if them you stated something about being impressed (paraphrasing) with the frosty that lED's can achieve. If I may be so bold, mind relaying which led lights/brands grew what you were referring to? Thank you.
    Hello Squiggly, Thank you for the wealth of knowledge you freely bring to the table. I'm a two time cancer survivor. I am in the starting phase of bringing to market my Original 420 Brand Ultra Premium CBD infused E-Liquid. As you know high quality CBD is not only expensive but hard to come by. I have plenty of access to trimmings and could buy a Rotovap, do you have any advice? Again thank you very much!!
    Squiggly, you are an utter asset to this forum and the cannabis community in general. I look forward to seeing what information you pump-out in the coming years. Keep-up the good work, friend. A rare breed, indeed.

    i was trying to private message you but i dont see an option for it . kinda strange . anyway i had some questions about that wolverine your growing . please pm if its not any trouble . late
    Hey seeing as ur now a moderator could u tell me why I don't have permission to view the Obama thread any longer? Did I get banned for some reason?
    Thank you for clearing the path for me by answering my bho/acids/isomerisation questions... gratis bro
    Squiggly nice to se some people helping others ! jah bless you man but i need to make some super oil i have 3k starting product seeded so what would you have done with it ?but please tell me only with isopropyl 99.5 % i have
    thanks and keep sharing friends!
    Just joined the forum thanks to your posts in a year old thread based on BHO. I'm really interested in your ideas about the subject and would really like to discuss the processes in detail with you if at all possible. I'm quite new to the whole process, and as with everything else I do I prefer to start at the top in respect to both knowledge and methodology. Hit me back.
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