6kw second UC run

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Thanks Shady! Im going to start flowering about day 23. My ceilings are only seven feet so including the height of the buckets and the lights, vertical room is limited.
Jdubb, LA is amazing, had some trees of it in the UC last round.
Thanks UC testin!!
Im hoping not to dissapoint!
If i have time ill get some shots up from the first run tonight.


Thanks motherlode. Those cages are perfect. Only downside is all the hinges on the corners have a little jagged part facing downward and can cut your arms up reaching for dead leafs, pruning, and cleaning in general.


Happy new year!

Okay here are the shots from my first run. got my camera late into it so i have only a few photos. I had eight soil plants in there also. Major issues were root aphids living on my hydroton and root system :worried ,() no bugs or soil now) alot of the tops were way too close to the light (low ceilings suck!) so got a lot of burn from that. The two middle hoods were dual arc and the other four hps.

Flipped the room yesterday..here are some night shots from today. Put up a few adjust-a-wings, but they can only be raised so high before the wingspan interferes with my ac duct unless i move the lights father apart. Plus the adjustawing light cords dont reach my ballasts anymore so they must not be the sunlight standard 15 feet.


glad i could be pullin up a chair before u flip the switch. clean setup. ill be lurkin. +rep & subbed.



Chillin' in the Shade...
Very nice work on the first UC run, and this second run is looking perfect phonicsmonkey... :cool

BTW, how did you battle the root aphids? I'm running a perpetual setup so I can't really kill all my plants and start over... :thinking


Thanks guys!
Shady I ran azamax in the undercurrent at about week 2 which knocked out most of them. After that every day I just agitated the hydroton at the top of the net pot with my fingers and they would come up to the top and then I hit em with safer spray.


Hey Phonics - sorry to hear about the Root Aphids! You're not the only person I've seen run into this issue lately, were gonna have to focus on keeping them in check.

How long did you veg those girls before flipping? theyre beautiful.


Thanks Hanna, I vegged for a little over three weeks. I had root aphids last round, bug free this time :) The closest row in the first picture is the Catarac Kush(Smallest Plant) 2 LA confidential and one querkle(under the adjust-a-wing). The middle row is a different pheno of querkle and the far row is the same querkle as the one in the first row.
Sunrise, day 7 flower.


Awesome job phonics,
Your definitely motivating me to make the switch.
Change is hard but looks well worth it.


Running the querkles too same system
Don't kno how they gonna do yet
First time in the uc,since ur ahead of me
I'm sit bac and watch how that querkle
Will do in this system


thanks UCtestn, Baddog, Hindu killer Motherlode!
Get on it hiboy you wont regret it.
Bluewaves, subcool has never let me down!

I changed the water out yesterday and at half strength Aqua flakes A and B
3ml/gal calmag(botanicare), and full strength additives my ppms only came to 440 (500scale). I pushed them to 580 before flower but saw a little burn and backed down to around 400. Everything seems to be exploding with growth and my top off tanks dropping 20 gals a day. Does this seem like too low ppm for second week of flower?

Day 10 begins
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