6kw second UC run

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Day 25 :)



I've always hers about querkle being a slow vegger. But the ic system brings life to even to slowest of growers. Awsome looking grow, clean and right, the only way to grow.


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Very nice work phonicsmonkey! Those colas are on the verge of blowing up in the next couple of weeks... Can't wait to see the next update... :cool


The cages are from Burpee.com.
Thanks doobydan! The moms were in ocean forest and vegged quick as well. I heard the querkle stays short, vegs slow and yeilds low, but it looks like the opposite here!
Shady, thank you for following my thread!...time for that update...
The rooms really starting to stink so i turned on my second carbon scrubber. Seems like the santa fe might not be enough to keep the nighttime humidity low so i might have to get another one, or upgrade.

Day 32


room shot




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damn son im speechless, hey monkey bro what's ur philosophy? I can't belive people having so much trouble with this system when i see guys like Evil, jack or Monkey having killer result.

I hope i get half of your when i try it. Keep it up man, u doing a great job.


Ladies are looking wonderful! How are you liking the excel air system? I just picked up a 2.5ton for my new room.


I just pulled up a chair. Your system and plants look incredible. I'm about to start my first run with a 8 gal 12 site with white widow. Keep the pic's and post coming.


Thanks everyone for the compliments!
TheCoolestMan my philosophy is keeping it simple. Spend time with your plants so you can spot problems early. Low nutrient levels too.

growbigtrees, GreaT purchase! I love mine, worth every penny, plus the customer service and tech support are excellent. Good luck on the install, Hope you have a good helper.

So the past four days my PH has been dropping and dropping. Four days ago it was at 6.0 then the next day it dropped to 4.8. I set 30 gals in my topoff tank at 6.5 and 24 hrs later most of that water was gone, but my ph actually dropped to 4.5. So yesterday i drained the system, filled it up with tap water, then drained it again. Refilled it with 1/2 strength A and B (Aqua flakes) 1/4 strength top booster and 1/2 strength Bud xl and full drip clean. 1ml/gal cal mag . PPMS came out to 590. It was mixed correctly and the PH in the solution was 6.0. Tonight 24 hours later the PH is back at 4.5. The Plants dont appear to be stressed. Any ideas on whats causing this>?? I even pulled the lids up on a few buckets and the roots looked real clean and happy


well it could be a few things, one big one is the meter. I've seen many meters go, even new ones and this shit starts happening when everythings looking good. see if you can borrow a meter just double check. it could also be if you increased your drip clean and decreased your nutes, that your leaching more salts out of the water than the plant can drink, thus lowering the pH. are your PPM's jumpin? also check your pump filter, and inspect your roots well, as slimes cause pH spikes in the UC alot also. all i can think of for now, good luck bud


Check your meter just went thru same shit I was switching the water and remixing everything and it was my fucking moniter the whole time, the moniter was only 2 months old too and wasn't a cheapo either


Check your meter just went thru same shit I was switching the water and remixing everything and it was my fucking moniter the whole time, the moniter was only 2 months old too and wasn't a cheapo either

mind sharing the brand so i can avoid picking that one up when the time comes? lol


It was a Hanna combo moniter, I thought Hanna was a
good brand but the ph and ppm meter went out on it and even the temp was reading off. When I got it, it was missing a screw also. I got a Milwakee hand held combo for now probably gonna go to Bluelab next rounf!


Thanks for the replies!!
Its definately not the meter, I have a backup.
The PPMS have dropped as well, but consistent with the previous weeks.
Last night I drained ten gals from the system and filled my top off with a few capfuls of ph up and RO water. Somehow it dropped to 4.3 by this AM.
I just took half the water out of the system and adjusted it to 6.8ph and then added it back to the UC. PH is 5.7 now, I plan on filling the top off tank with 1/4 strength A and B around PH 6.5 and see what happens...

grow_dat_nasty don't plan on bluelab being solid, ive exchanged mine or purchased a new one countless times ...I like it better than my Hanna, but its definately caused me several headaches. The PH probe is ultra fragile compared to the hanna too and the unit is not at all waterproof.
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