6kw second UC run

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Be careful when you swing the ph like that.... it can really cause root damage if you are going to have to keep doing this. This is crazy because I've only experienced ph swings like that with advanced nutrients. If this continues id suggest changing your base nutes. Whether it be new replacements of the current line you are using. I ended up with canna base and solid as can be.


I know, I drained the water back in through the float valve so it minimized dAMAge and ive been using the top off tank to battle the ph, never the epicenter. If its low tomorrow AM im going to have to re-think my nutrients.

Day 38....
Prime C

Prime C

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From the pics I see a little canoe action on the leaves. Could be an Mg deficiency. Maybe try a little Epsom salt. Im no pro so ask someone.Just an observation.

Also I see a little tip burn. Maybe back off the nutes a little to.

Less is more with these high flow systems.

Plants look real good though!


Sorry just trying to help I had that same problem before. I am sure there is nothing wrong with your line up but perhaps a bad batch of nutes


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I can't really comment on the pH as I let mine swing a bit, but those bud shots look bad ass to me... Keep up the good job phonicsmonkey... :cool


When in doubt, drain it out.

I'd consider draining the system out, continue introducing pure water so as to dilute and evacuate the system anywhere between 200-300% the total volume of the system.

Have water filled to 1/2 way up the net pot so as to submerse and leach the salts & root debris clinging to the roots.....pulling them into solution to be drained away. Run something like clearex for a day or so.

This would also be a time to run a mild Hydrofungicide/ Zone treatment with the clearex solution to reguvinate the roots and reboot the the microbial villages.

Then drain this leached solution away and introduce a fresh batch of nutrient solution that you've pre-balanced in a side resy. Start the new batch in a side resi the day you drain the system so as to allow for 24+ hrs for the solution to stabilize if any pH adjustments are made.

Introduce some bacillus in the solution and a fungi blend in the root crown after you've ran you're root cleansing .

Sorry bout the wordiness.


I sent Dan some questions about my system and here is the part about pH.

It will still be important that you stay on top of the pH no
matter which nutrients you use because both CO2 and Oxygen will react with
the individual nutrients and force the pH around with any nutrient package.

This is a fact.....stay diligent when keeping a nutrient solution. Keep in mind that we recommend letting pH ride between 5.5 - 6.5 for best results. In many cases micro managing your pH can result in more problems than answers. Though if keeping it locked between 5.8-6 is best for you I'd recommend a pH doser....you can pic up fairly inexpensive ones through aquarium suppliers.

Cannazym is a recommended product in all our feed charts and with all
nutrients. Each feed chart will have the recommended products shown at the
top and then give the correct amount to use.

Use it at reduced dosages for best results in the UC.


those plants look amazing man, i would say the nutes are ok based on the quality of the nugs at this stage of growth. UCMENOW gave some excellent advice, and i thought you worded quite simply as to how i would have butchered it with nearly identical advice. for the bactos id run aquashield its very cheap. and i'd also run some superthrive, if your killing your beastie herd, b vitamins or add27 really help the plant stay superhealthy. my thoughts on this swing thats going on are that perhaps H&G added more buffers to keep the pH stable at lower levels to combat the additives natural higher pH buffers. were you adding any pH down when you were mixing nutes? these buffers sometimes take 24-36 hours to level out so your nutes could say 6.5 after mixed(not pH'd) then 24-36 hours the buffers level out to 5.7. and you could* be adjusting it down from 6.5 to 5.7 and when the buffers level out your at 4.5. the reason its really spiking down is as the pH lowers it will go farther out of range for the nutrients that raise pH when absorbed. This is a possibility though i have the opposite effect with my H&G(maybe older formulation) i set mine to 4.5 with pH down then it rises to 5.5 in about 24 and slowly creeps to 6 by 2 weeks. not sure if any of this info is helpful, but good luck brother


:) Problem solved
Thank you for your input everybody!
I ended up diluting the solution down to 400ppms and my ph has stayed the same now for almost 24 hours. I think the Bud XL even at half strength, once enough of it topped off into my system it threw off the balance, and the plants stopped taking up Aqua flakes B, the one that drops the ph way down and they were still taking up a ton of water but leaving the ph dropping nutrients behind. Im sure adding top booster when week six started only compounded the problem. thats where the tip burn came in too. Im gonna keep the ppms under 500 and only run the base nutes and overdrive in the comming weeks.


glad u got it handle bro ....cant wait for result ! how many days u have left you think ?


Im not sure, Only ran the LA before, but it looks like one phenotype of the querkle is pretty fast flowering.
Day 42

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phonicsmonkey, I've been following your grow and If it's not to much trouble could you post a list of the nutes and boosters you're using . I'm using H&G products with a little cal-mag 1 week into my new system and i'm constantly chasing the PH but I think I've been fixated on the number 5.8 . I'm going to leave it alone from now on if it's between 5.5-6.5 The plants are growing but the root development is not at the rate most others with this system have seen. I'm getting better results in both plant and root growth in my flood table vegging them under a T5 using the same base nutes. I'm not sure what but I think I'm doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated.


RandyB sounds like your on the right track not focusing on the numbers so much. 5.5-6.5 seems to be the safe no adjustments needed zone. Try to not expect growth like you see others getting and just let your plants do their thing, I bet you'll be suprised. Are you using RO water? Im running the full HG line at half strength, NO shooting powder. Ran Cal-mag at 3ml/gal till week 4 flower then dropped it to 1ml. I have had some PH issues recently so im only running Aqua Flakes and added 1ml/gal overdrive (AN) on my last changeout.

The middle row of querkle is finishing quick. The last week or so I dropped my nightime temps to 62 and the purples are really comming out. Todays the end of week 7, here are some day 48 shots






Thanks for the words of encouragement and NO i am not using RO water. Just tap water that I barrel for a few days with air-stones running 24-7.

I see a little nute burn so I dumped about 15 gallons from the system and replaced it with just water. EC is between 350-400 ppm, PH is sitting on 5.8 for 2 days now and the plants appear better today. They don't look great during the night cycle but an hour after the light come on they really liven up. I think I may have hit them to hard way to early with the nutes.
I see less is more with this system.


:smiley_joint: Day 54
Querkle (middle row pheno)


LA confidential

Catarac Kush

Querkle (outer row)

All the lids are caving in

Got to set up a hydro-logic evolution 1000gpd today. The thing makes my 200gpd look like a toy.


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Awesome photos! I still can't decide if the lids buckling under the weight is a good or bad thing... :thinking


Looks like some fire ! Looks like you need to invest in the CC LID 8" HEAVY HARVEST for next round . Just noticed they even sell them recently. Great work man
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