I think Raoul was talking about thseeds , seems alot of people have been unhappy with the beans, buku , mk-ultra, etc... I havnt tried them myself so I dont know but with so many threads with bad feed back I dont think I could spend the money to find out for myself.
Not a chance I would buy anything from them unless it was a clone. They have no service and their beans are very hit and miss. No reason to even give them your money when their are much more reliable and consistent choices out there for less money.
i have 2 females out of the 4 seeds , excellent plant so far started them with a couple critical mass(mr nice) and they seem to be almost identical petty strange, going to be a great plant for cloning , i'll take a few and put the mother into flower so we can test her flowering i'll try to put a pic up if i can figure out how lol,
i had such a hard time this year also kushking20, friggin' rain seemed like nothing wanted to finish now forst warning for later tonight, i pulled everything the last couple days after i noticed a bit of rot on my querkle. if it's going to be like this next year i'm putting out rambo for sure
hey hoobidude i used to grow a lot of jamacin back in the day .im real interested in seeing if the rambo looks anything like what i grew ,evan in veg.good luck hope its great..


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i want to try this too but alittle scared. Tryin to grow in a corn field my buddy owns nxt year in MI and lookin for something fire that can handle the cold rainy days here... any suggestions would be great thx.


i breed for one thing, POTENCY!!!!sweat under the eyes and upper lip,increased heart rate,speed weed/love to workout when stoned/ninja in the ganja fields!!!who sells speed weed without the mind melt/positive up up up !!!
An 8 week Jamaican strain would be great. But I have a feeling that either the Afghan will dominate the taste and high, or as stated before, the Jamaican might be too dominant and it might not finish in time for northern climates. Kinda sounds too good to be true, and who wants to risk that kind of money?

As far as THseeds goes, I bought some Mister Bubble a couple years ago and wasn't that impressed- but I did get a reverse hermi:sign0065:. Overall, i think there are better options for outdoor at lower prices elsewhere.:no


Although a lot of people don't like them, Greenhouse Seed Co. has an awsome outdoor strain in their Church. It is very mold resistant and produces nice size cola's. It handles frost's extremely well and the high is good. A body stone at first followed by a creeper head high. There are a few different pheno's, I grew out the more Indica pheno and it finished the first week of October for me.

im really sorry to say(given the genetics they appear to have,and the buds that appear from the c.i.a.around cup time)that i have totally given up on thseeds.ive grown seeds from a quid a seed up to fifteen but i have never experienced entire packets of seeds not germing apart from th.ive tried mk the 1st pack 4 germ and all boys,the 2nd not a sprout.da purps same story no shoots.sage and sour i got one plant from 10 seeds.i love the look of the rambo but not prepared to throw that much £ at a total loss.shame there isnt any thseeds feedback on here as its a breeder support forum.....maybe sending some rambo tester packs out to the farmers may gain them some props,and then at least wed have some grow info on the strain...:banana1sv6: