B8KD's First Grow - Outdoor - LA Kush Cake, Casper OG, Hazmat OG & Do-Si-Dos F2

This is gonna be a long post.

I've been addressing my overall pH problems such as 1.) not knowing my tap waters real pH number, 2.) not knowing my run off pH number, 3.) not having soil pH or slurry test pH. Problem solved. I purchased a Blue Lab pH soil meter that also measures liquids. I thoroughly calibrated it, tested the calibration, tested it again and then tested it one more time to make sure it was accurate and then proceeded to test the important things. What's my tap water pH that I've been feeding my plants? What's my run off pH?, Etc and other things like that. My findings are below:

Tap Water that I used for first three waterings over the course of two weeks on my first four clones - 7.6


Tap water pH now reduced using Ocean Forest pH down - 5.6


Run off from FFOF in first four plants using 5.6 water after two weeks, three waterings, of 7.6 water comes in at a run off of 7.2.


Run off from FFOF using 5.6 water on four newly transplanted clones that were transplant today comes in at a run off of 6.5.


The above number is a big difference from the first four clones that had three waterings using 7.6 pH tap water. Assuming pH of all run off will eventually be the same once I water the first clones a few more times using 5.5-6.0 pH water moving forward for the next few weeks.

Slurry test results (performed as outlined on this forum with distilled water and dirt gathered from a few inches down in between plant and edge of pot) came in as expected based off my run off tests. 7.1 for the first batch of clones and 6.8 for the newly transplanted clones. Of course there were differences between the original four clones and these newly transplanted clones based on the factors I outlined above (first batch of clones got watered with 7.6 water three times over the course of two weeks vs newly transplanted clones with no previous waterings in new pot before run off test).

First four clones slurry test.


New batch of four clones doing the slurry test with only one watering @ 5.6pH


It’s been three days since this test and the original four clones have darkened up their new growth considerably. New growth looks practically the same color as old growth so I think the change in water pH has done something good. Here's a shot of my Hazmat OG from today. Got about 4" growth in the last five days.


Will continue to monitor this and also pick up a PPM/EC pen over the next few days.

Also, looking into an automated outdoor watering solution since I am now going to have to maintain some type of outdoor watering reservoir with pump, stone, etc so that I can control the pH and nutrients moving forward. Will hopefully automate this ongoing watering process so that I don't have to keep filling up a watering can.

And last but not least I'll end the post with a short little video update showing each of the plants as of yesterday. Don't worry about all the pollen/dust looking stuff on the plants. It's just that time of year here. Pollen everywhere. Have a lovely Friday. B8KD out.

My Sherbadough (GG4 x Dosi) clone had some discoloration show up on a few leaves three days after transplant. I’m referring to the rusty colored splotches and spots towards the tips of a few leaves. Disregard all the yellow spots and blotches all over the leaves. That’s just pollen from the pines. Any idea what’s going on here? The rest of the plant looks healthy and so do all my other plants. Just these three leaves. Is it shock from the transplant? Something else?

Tonight I topped my first plants. I got really lucky and someone here in town, with a lot more grow experience than me, kind of took me under their wing. He has a horticultural degree and three years commercial grow experience so I feel pretty comfortable with the advice he’s giving me. He actually wanted me to top seven of the eight plants right now but he understood that it might be tramatic for me with this being my first grow. I just couldn’t bring myself to cut on more than two of them tonight since I haven’t done it before and this is my first grow. I topped my first Do-si-dos F2 and my Hazmat OG. Both of which have been in the ground for three weeks. I could’ve gone lower on the Hazmat OG but I just couldn’t bring myself to cut off anymore at this time. Baby steps! B8KD


Not much to report. On Monday I watered the plants with 6.2pH water courtesy of Blue Labs soil pen and and Fox Farm pH down. Learning that it takes very little pH down to get me where I need to be. Each plant got a full soak with 1.5 gallons each and very little run off.

Today I spent some time picking up the various supplies I need to build my water & nutrient reservoir along with a good first pass for veg nutrients. Will add to this with some little extras down the road. Not quite there yet but making some good progress. Ended up with a recycled 50 gallon plastic barrel that has a screw top and water spout at the bottom. For $45 it was a no brainer. I’ll add my air and water pump to this but haven’t bought any tubing yet till I figure out the distances, etc. If anyone has first hand experience with the nutrients I purchased would love to hear your experience. The earth juice product line was recommended based on it hitting a really good price point for what it provided but I was steered toward botanicare for their cal-mag plus.

And last but not least I now have a Blue Lab conductivity pen. So I can test my ppm when I start adding nutrients.

Thanks! B8KD


Just a couple updates.

Last Sunday (06/07/20) watered with my first nutrient mix consisting of 1.) Earth Juice Grow (1 tbsp/gal) & 2.) Earth Juice Microblast (>1tsp/gal) & Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus (<1tsp/gal), PPM 640 / pH 5.9. Each of the original 4 plants received 1 & 5/8 gallon & the 4 newer plants received 1 & 1/4 gal of the solution.

On Wednesday (06/10/20) I did a root splash using 2 Tbsp of DEM Lush Roots 840 to 1 gallon of tap water and gave each of the plants an 1/8 gallon.



Did a solid feeding last night. Slowly figuring out how to use this Earth Juice "Grow", along with some other EJ products, and it's a doozy. It really does a number on your pH. My tap water pH is about 7.6. When I mix the EJ "Grow" into my water it drops the pH immediately to about 3.7. Now the EJ website says this might happen and that you are supposed to wait about 12-48 hrs while aerating the solution and continue checking to see if the pH naturally rises before trying to increase the pH. If you see a rise they say you can go ahead and use it as is, without adding a pH up, but if you don't see any increase from the base number when you first mixed, EJ says to add pH up to desired level and feed. Well I ended up waiting 72 hrs instead of 48 while aerating and magically on day #3 that pH started rising and was up to 5.5 with a ppm of 750 by the time I decided to water with no addition of pH up. I now know to aerate the solution for three days each time before feeding. Here's what my recipe consisted of:

Earth Juice Grow: 2 tbsp / gal
EJ Big Bloomin: 1 tsp / gal
EJ MicroBlast: 1 tsp / gal
Botanicare Cal Mag: 1 tsp / gal
Mother Earth Heavy Brix Molasses: 2 tsp / gal

In a separate, one off feeding during the week, using tap water as a mix, I'm also supplying DEM Roots (Mycorrhizae) at a rate of about a quarter Tbsp per plant in an eighth gallon of water. Have been using the DEM Roots for a few weeks.

Plants seem to be very happy.



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B8KD, doing some computer work, so i apologize in advance about the short post. Just wanted to drop in quickly, I saw your post recently and figured i would quickly skim over your thread and see how things are doing. It seems like you're doing great, your plants are looking awesome. It does seem like you got the feeding thing down, Flower gets a little different, but your chugging along in veg just fine to me?
I see you went with the Bluelab options, not bad choices.

If anyone has first hand experience with the nutrients I purchased would love to hear your experience. The earth juice product line was recommended based on it hitting a really good price point for what it provided but I was steered toward botanicare for their cal-mag plus.
Earth Juice Thread <--- It seems as if earth juice has some positive feedback on the Farm.
Earth Juice - First Run Thread <-- Earth Juice Bud Pictures.

Keep on keeping on, and keep us updated, we're following along. We're waiting for flower! 😁🤪
Thread watched. 👌
Good work!
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Ladies look great.

I'm impressed how much you have self educated yourself and how well your tackling the challenges you have faced. Love the way the info and your experience and findings is communicated, it will go a long way to helping others.


Not sure how I missed this
This was my smallest clone, and it's still my smallest plant, but not for long. It's a Rude Boi OG #7 from Archive in Portland. Long story short size doesn't always dictate quality. This was the last Rude Boi clone that Archive had that day and it was so tiny. Barely five inches tall but it looked super healthy. Fast forward one month and now look at it. Twenty inches tall and looking very nice. Someone mentioned that the leaves were "praying" and said that that was a good sign. I'd never heard that term used on Marijuana plants before so I googled it. Sure enough! If you've got a healthy, vigorously growing plant, and the leaves are reaching for the sky, that's a positive and it is indeed sometimes referred to as praying. I'll be darned. B8kd
Earth Juice Nutrient Update. Turns out it's going to take 2-3 days for the aeration process per batch. Just takes awhile for that pH to come back up to an acceptable level once you mix it. Currently mixing 20 gallon batches. My plants are going through about 3/4 gallon per day (it's dry and sunny here). That said, one reservoir for mixing is not going to do it. I need to be running two batches, two days apart from each other, so that I can have nutrients always available and I don't have to use plain water in between each of the feedings because the plants are getting thirsty but the Earth Juice isn't ready yet. Argh. So I guess I'll go buy another 50 gallon barrel. Luckily my air pump has eight outlets so I can use the same pump with an additional air stone. Was previously using two air stones in my current reservoir but the Earth Juice has a tendency to foam a little and if the air is too high it will eventually bubble over the barrel and create a royal mess. So I've learned to dial the pressure back on the air stone. ;-( B8KD