Bongs vs Vaporizers

Bongs vs Vaporizers

  • Bongs Rule, Vapes Drool!

    Votes: 54 61.4%
  • Vaporizers for Victory!

    Votes: 34 38.6%

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Its either my Chong Bong or my Roor... Bout to cop an Illadelph.
Vapes just dont do it for me I got a volcano and hardly use it anymore..
I began ripping bongs in 76'. I never found anything that would get me as toasty. I got a volcano a while ago and have a few hundred runs.

Because of my age and other factors I have not smoked a bong in a while. A month ago I gor a nice glass on glass bong (I had a Toker 2 in college). I took a huge rip and coughed up both lungs. I also got WAY more stoned than I would have gotten with 3 times the material in the vape.

I still love the bong...but does it love me?
Ok Ok

Ok so Ive been Vapin for a while.. Ive been using a Volcano and a SilverSurfer and a DaBuddha Vaporizers.. After One Month Ive all but retired them and headed back to my beautiful glass bubblers.sidecares and hammers..Its just not the same for me period.. Cant explain but its not that the deep high that I strive for ...... BONG BONG,BUBBBlerss.... Yah:harvest:
vape all the way. the key is a good brand and dialing in the temp properly and not over packing it. once dialed in proper the best great taste no lung damage or hacking. healthier in general and quite effective i was previously only a bong user. as an athlete i can say that my lungs are 100% clear no more flem. i can tell each of my strains by taste blindfolded. after using my vape even some bomb larry og or other strains taste like crap when smoked. i also love vaping hashes and bho mixed with herb good times.
ohhh yeah on a lighter note... its all about solor rips!!! all you need a a decent magnifiying glass and a good sunny day!!!! So I guess I would say bong hits... all though the vape through the bong is pretty nice.
I go with vape clean hit, no tar, all good. he vapolution only costs a little over 150 dollars and includes car adapter, wall charger, 2 hose pieces, and once all glass carbed stem. I Love it.if your interested go to
High Twitch !, fancy seeing you here !
i could only say bongs, i have only used cheap vaporizers before so not a fair vote tbh. (thats why i didnt vote) i love the idea of portable vapes though and the health benefits, i am looking to buy bongs but could do with a vape recommened for under £80
What vape/ vaporizers do you use and where did you score it? Please let me know because I'm really interested. I also read about it Here. Any advice will be appreciated! TIA!
vapes work well but they do not hit like a doob or a bong. What i find about a vape is that it really drys out your throat in a portable.

A good bench vape can ring your bell pretty good though.

For flavor nothing compares to a vape. The aroma and flavor are perfect.

Arizer extreme q is cheap and effective and a dabuddha or volcano gets it done and are more solid.