Bongs vs Vaporizers

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Bongs vs Vaporizers

  • Bongs Rule, Vapes Drool!

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  • Vaporizers for Victory!

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they call me j

assuming the bud is flushed and cured properly, the only way i would cough would be if...dirty water, piece of stem got in there, or your burning big bowls that take multiple tokes to clear.

good bud + good glass + good habits = smooth hit every time


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I smoke bongs and nothing but. Vaporizers lack the full flavor of the herb, and why would you wanna mask all your hard work? And like someone else said, if it's a quality bong stuffed with quality herb, the only reason you should cough is because you took too big of a hit. I def think vaporizers fill a market niche though, for all those who don't wanna inhale smoke.


im guna have to agree bongs over vapes . the vapes do give you a different high imo and it takes sooo damn long lol i bought mine a few months ago and used it like 3 times LOL its a totally different high and taste. vapes are good when you have the time to pull it out or your lungs hurt etc. but nothing is as good as a nice big glass on glass piece with ice in it just my opinion.



imo vapes win.
If you want a bong sized hit or a cooled down vape hit, then vaporbong, the best of both worlds.

Combustion as a physical process is only so efficient - vaping can theoretically deliver much more THC because there is no excess heat to destroy it and also very importantly no destroyed terpenes - taste... supposedly with vaping 92% of avail. thc is made consumable, vs a bong where 78% is, vs a jay where 24% of total thc is made available. Add the bonus that vapor doesnt linger/stink like smoke and the stealth benefit becomes apparent as well.

Granted - I have unfortuantely owned crappy vaporizers before, I even personally despise volcanos - the device that the study that yeiled the above numbers tested against the other methods.

But after going to amsterdam and meeting the Verdamper and trying volcanoes and the various other devices all the shops had, I must reiterate that vaping to me is obviously superior when the vape you are using is a proper device.

Again, I've gone to my local headshop, bought a vape and been sorely dissapointed and gone right back to smoking again and again, but to this day nothing in my arsenal save for the Aqua Lab's GonG Vapor Globe (which is still technically a vape (with a bong aww yeah) out preforms the Verdamper or the Magic Box, or the Iolite, and all four are absolutely quality devices.

Vapor Globe

Magic Box



To me to think that primitive crude combustion could give you better effects or taste over the display of mans mastery over technology and the physical world that is vaporizing is nothing less than an absurdity. But thats me. :D


Bought a Volcano over five years ago and never looked back. Prefer the delivery, its effect, the lack of aromas on the user after using, and the fact that one utilize the entire sample with smoothies using the carcass/ duff.

If I didn't think the effect was superior I would have ditched it in five months. My teeth/ gums/ breath enjoyed the effects of no longer smoking which was quickly observed by my dental hygienist.

It is a different effect, that is certain. It is more cerebral, and, healthier. If you are a daily consumer you owe it to yourself to try one.

I have twelve friends that bought a Volcano after the first Volcano was purchased, within a year.

I am sold.



I'll admit I vape a good majority of the time because it's alot easier on my lungs and throat but when I wanna really get ripped I bust out my bong...which is a good majority of the time =)



I so nearly bought an Iolite a couple of days ago - seems ideal for covert smoking as I've read that it puts out very little smell.

Anyone got any opinions on it? I've just quit tobacco after about 20 years and smoking pure joints is KILLING my lungs (and very unsubtle!! been waking the neighbours, the baby, anyone around when sneaking out the back door for a j). Been thinking about a vape and the Iolite seems like a handy way to go...but I need to know what farmers think of it :)


I have a mystifire vape and its alrite, it just sucks having to take turns hitting the vape. I like the ritual of packing a piece, sitting with friends and passing it around. You just cant do it with the vape unless you keep refilling bags. Its just not the same though. It seems like the effect from the vape is all head and no body. Ive never tried a volcano, but the mystifire does the same thing if I'm not mistaken (digital display, fan, bags). The only way I use the vape is if I'm smoking by myself anymore and only to cut down on how much actual smoke is hitting my lungs.


I was a bong man myself, but that changed when I got a volcano. The volcano lets enjoy the full flavor of the herb without the chance sucking down butane from the lighter as in a bong. It is also more discreet to use the volcano over a bong. finally u are able to stretch your bag further since the volcano bag is able to capture 95% of available thc


bong over vape have tried both but nothing beats a clean ROOR


Vapes are like jerkin off, and bongs are like getting laid...maybe even scoring a 3some if its a real nice one..


I vap all the time and hit the glass too but the high from a vap is so heady it can turn the strongest indica into a sativa. it just has a underlying vap taste everytime along with what ever the herb taste like


Ive Vaped out of the Best of them .. Volcanos on Down... Nada Compares to the Rip of of A Good Glass Bong or Bubbler...Satisfaction.. Yes Sir... Peace dlj.:RastaBong::RastaBong::RastaBong::heart
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