Can e-growers please send the chemical ferts to hell already?

I admit that I myself have bought into the "organic" movement in the past... and then I took a biology and a chemistry class when I was in college (just a few years ago) and both classes had a section on "organic" gardening. The fact is that there are safe and ethical agricultural practices, and then there are less safe and less ethical practices, and whether or not they fall into the MARKETING definition of organic (which has very little basis in science) has nothing to do with it.

That's why organic spinach is one of the number one culprits of e. Coli ever.
Something else that just occurred to me: I have used a lot of coir, and every single coir product I have ever used has been OMRI certified organic. I prefer it to peat moss as a soil amendment due to the fact that it is pretty much impossible to over-water coir, and where I live it tends to rain a lot.

There is nothing wrong with coir. Works great for hydro and organic gardening both.