Cannabis high not for me?

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Hello all. I’ve recently harvested two indica plants. Trichomes were milky and buds are in mason jars.’s been approx 20 years since smoking (I’ve smoked here and there but no major hits). My last big hit was in high school where my high was extremely anxious where I stepped out of my body while sitting in class but looked down and saw myself sitting there. Fast forward 20 some years I gained an interest in growing and wanted to start experimenting with relaxing highs. So currently I’ve smoked my own grow but had that awful flashback of slipping away, no control, hands and feet become numb and I’m stepping outside of myself again. I had to keep walking up and down my driveway shaking my hands to avoid “slipping”. I smoked a few more times afterwards pacing myself and the slipping feeling went away a bit but I got more of a tired feeling where all I wanted to do was sleep. Problem there was my heart was racing and I became extremely nervous and anxious although tired.

So here’s my questions...

1–Can my highs start relaxing some if I continue to pace myself, become more adapt to it?
2–Is it possible my highs were uncomfortable due to smoking an early harvest? (Buds were in jars for about 5-7 days only)
3– Should I try the edible route? I’m reading it’s actually a more potent high and can overconsume easier with high lasting much longer than smoking. I don’t favor this way though.
4– Is it possible these bad highs are due from stress before smoking? Meaning should I be in a better mindset beforehand?

Help me out. I’m just looking for a relaxing , happy, high without wanting to sleep while my heart beats out of my chest or feeling myself slip away into that place.

Maybe I’m just not built to consume cannabis, I don’t know. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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What strains u growin ? Breeder? Sounds like ya def need a indica ! Not a hybrid leaner , some real indica


Perhaps you mind is trying to show you something. Maybe lay down and take a journey and let go.
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