doubleds 10 lb plant/room test.

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Chillin' in the Shade...
Congrats on another successful harvest DD! Thx for all the eye candy... :mmm


Thanks DD!!!! 4 Everything!!!!

Just wanted to tell u thank you for all your shared knowledge and pics.You have been a great inspiration for me and i would imagine a bunch of us.I will miss your threads and advice.Stay Safe, and Thanks Again For All your hard work!!! Peace,fuzzy


thanks for the inspiration, always nice seeing big plants:)
best wishes in your future endevours


likes to smell trees.
Holy fuck.

8#rs. Congratulations. I am sure you will hit the 10 mark with the over head light.

I am just starting out on the MPB, and it seems you have left some folks behind who will continue your legacy (giddeon, Lost, Chrome, Bossman, etc..), and help some of us newbies out there. Thank you for all the great info, and good luck.

I will be waitin on those dawgs you talked about releasing in the Summer. Hopefully gettign those out will be the precursor to your internet retirement.


DR's. Thank you for all that you have done for us here on the farm! I will continue with the idea you have shown here and my next set up will be using a 70 gal mini res. In a room with 140 watts/sq ft. Amazing results BTW!

Thank you again! Good luck with whatever you do!


PS. Thanks again for the release of the 13 Dawgz they are about to be unleashed in my garden.



thank you for all the knowledge you've shared.

when you first talked about getting 10# from an indoor plant back in 2009 i think we all thought you were going to try it with just one plant in a room this size . . . but to grow nearly 33# in less than 100 sq. ft.??????!!!!!

you're a legend, bro.


MC Green


Did you ever figure out how DDs is doing his drains now? his feed is above his drains now, and his drain is one in. out of his mini res(s) and one in. into his main res. It looks as if he has eliminated the 4 in drain line as you suggested. I tried asking in the forum with no luck, just like you did... I hope this isn't a big "secret" because I just finished my build out of the room and am working on the buckets and would like to do them the best way the first time.

DDs, great job, you have helped my main patient produce what he needs for his collective and himself and stay under the plant limit. I am still in awe at your ingenuity.



thank you for all the knowledge you've shared.

when you first talked about getting 10# from an indoor plant back in 2009 i think we all thought you were going to try it with just one plant in a room this size . . . but to grow nearly 33# in less than 100 sq. ft.??????!!!!!

you're a legend, bro.


Well said, DD's is a legend!

So he got 32 lbs from 8 lights, or did I miss where he added more?


I think he added 1 or 2 but still damn close to 2 gpw


kudo's on harvest and enjoy retirement God know you deserve it friend...

If I may run couple things by you would be great

Totaly sold on your drip line theory...
However instead of using 100gall open top buckets.
I have been looking @ marine water holding tanks and I've found one that is 1/4" thick polysoplen F.D.A. approved BLACK 42"x42"x15" 120gal 325$ish ea..(but there tons of sizes to choose from lol make's them perfect for modular growing). like a 8' x 4' you could do 2 plants in 1...
There complety sealed and the manufacture will drill the 11.5ish hole needed to set the buckets in and a sealable 8" manhole
They will also thread all holes needed for fitting's..(perfect for all pvc type parts that we can all get somewhere)

I like them cause there sealed only place you lose any water is threw the bucket/hydrocorn. also there black/fda aproved and there's no PLYWOOD WRAPED IN PLASTIC. IMHO
Im also having them add threaded 1" holes in every corner so i can screw a threaded male x pvc smooth... and install/make a pvc trellis system that rises up on all 4 corners and connect to other side in middle and top and use that cattle fence wraped around the 4 cornes and straped tied together and down to the pvc...

1. instead of connecting 4 to 1 resivoir was going to do 2 to 1,but now im thinkig ill have 55gal worth of nute water in each 1 so why not keep everthing seperate????
gives you more flexibilty as far as strains,ppm,length of flowering time etc.
More importantly if your room is 8' tall and you want to double up lights and get them plants taller hitting 10lbs ++++ YOU SAVE 12-15" BY NOT DOUBLE STACKING YOUR BUCKETS FOR THE GRAVIYTY RETURN.. right??
you could use a mag drive 350 for 2 drips in the 3gal bucket..
you could add a float valve in each connect to the main rez keepin your water level steady..
found a store that sells 100$ 50' stainlees steel tubing(same as hydro inovation sell 1 coolcoil for 150$ each) and am going to make 5 10'loops for 100$ lol and hook up 35$ aquastat (same as hydro inovation sell for 110$ each) and a 35$ 110vwatervalve that lets cool water in when temp is to high(same as hydro inovation sell 1 for 80$ each)
MY CONCERN IS YOU LOSE THE UNDERCURRENT by not pumping all the water thru each bucket,
BUT WHAT IF im using bad ass 41$ea. double xl micro pores x 2,or 4 per bucket (that =4,or 8 long strips)AIRSTONES per bucket and a pondmast air pump 100 x 4 or 8 double micropores xl "supposibly little stronger the your hibow 80"
This would be a dwc were yours is a rdwc (and your just resirculating to treat the water,or chill it and keep water and nutes equal")AM I MISSING SOMTHING PLZ ADVISE????

2. veg you say 2 weeks floodtable...
Im thinking height is your issue on why your not hitting you 10 LB plus MARK "IMHO"...
So what if you were to flood for 4 weeks and then veg in you system for another 4 weeks making it 8 WEEKS TOTAL VEG???? I know you want to flower every 8 so why not have a veg space kicking out 4 huge 4-6' tall bitches ready to flower for 8 weeks in another flower room total of 8plants per system (DD'S PERPETUAL HARVEST MPB SYSTEM hahahah)

wouldn't this be the best way to acheive your goal?

o x o
o x o
(I personally like coaxie's water cooled lights but i would add more fans and heat exchangers..With more fans and heat exchangers = NO AIR CONDITIONER needed... but larger chiller will be needed)

do you use molases, budcandy,carbload etc??? carb's for plant growth/bigger flowers and carbs to feed the roots xl(the mycro's/bacteriaea in them)???
do you use enzymes? to keep water clean green and break down dead roots.

whats the DD'S harvesting system for 33lb+???
triming machin?
dry nets?
curing and if so how long and the process?
do you still feed 500ish ppms last week of flower with no clearex???

thanks for all your input


Many of you remember me talking about the "dripline" and how it affects plant yield.

Another amazing grow, but if thats what this was all about why didnt you run a plant without the drip? Or better yet with no drip and no rockwool, like the UC guys do with aero clones directly into hydroton? I do remember you saying the 6" cube grew larger trees than smaller cubes. Not that you have anything to prove, it just would have been interesting.

I dont remember seeing a picture of the roots at the flip. Is that one week of veg enough to get the roots into the water?

The pictures say it all. Looks like you doubled the size of the buckets and doubled the yield.


I don't even know what to say other then don't leave, good job, and please do your test with your purple kush and bubba before leaving the internet if that is even possible in this day and age. Nice job.
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