Ethos Seeds "Candy Store" under 2 Gavita Pro 1700e LED's

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Since I really don't change anything grow to grow other than the defoliation, finding the perfect strain will most likely be the only way to increase the yield I'm guessing. All strains so far have been listed by the breeder as "heavy yielders" but does that come with the 30 or 60 day veg (which is the real question)........ I'm sure if I did a Big Bud or Critical Mass or a hybrid with one of those, I could get above 110. But I don't want to do a 12% THC strain.


Contest guesses.......

TheShortAnswer 99 oz 5 grams
Mr.Greenthumb 99 oz 9 grams
Porky1982 99 oz 22 grams
Milson 101 oz 11 grams
Lex0415 102 oz 0 grams
Rootbound 102 oz 16 grams
Moshmen 103 oz 3 grams
Seb 103 oz 15 gams
BadBud3 104 oz 14 grams
JimmyC 105 oz 10 grams
Aqua Man 106 oz 16 grams
Anthem 106 oz 17 grams
VLAD 107 oz 7 grams
J-Sauce 108 oz 8 grams
Bdmack 109 oz 2 grams
NrthTaylor 109 oz 16 grams
MadMax 111 oz 0 grams
SlammedS. 111 oz 11 grams
Arlo 112 oz o grams
Burnz 116 oz 0 grams
PlantDaddy 117 oz 1 gram


More entries will obviously make it harder to win, thus a "consolation" drawing for the losers............

Today is the end of 6 weeks in flowering, not much to add.



There's still 4 in each row........ but one plant has been pulled out temporarily as I have it in another room and am teaching a neighbor how to grow and take care of it. Kind of like "hands on" experience. It's been out of the room for weeks now, I never bothered to mention it. It will be put back in around week 8, when he starts his own grow. OK, happy now Mr. eagle eye?


Just thought you was spreading them out cause they look big...ill go back under my rock now..

I actually DID spread them out to the outer perimeter of the LED above, which is my normal way. In veg, I jam them a little closer to make sure they are all getting the most light possible. In flower, I slowly pull them all out towards the perimeter so light can penetrate better, improve air circulation below, make it easier to water towards the back and enable the plants to "spread" a bit more.

If you guys keep this up, I'll have no "secrets" left........
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