Fox farm happy frog

Got some real fire there😂
I figure hf has mycorrhizae for seedlings, then the “hotter” ocean forest is for up potting. And the frog is happy because of all the fungus gnats.

Ocean forest is their premium container mix and happy frog is their cheaper budget mix. They add the myco because their is less organic marerial in happy frog so it needs the help. Both are recomended from seed to finish.

And i only ever got gnats when i switched from ocean forest to mother earth groundswell. But it is the way the bags were stored that got gnats in them. My fault for not thinking when i bought them from a cold partly outdoor warehouse. They had got wet from very high humidity. Never had a problem with any bagged soil if it was properly stored.
i have the soil that az2000 said to buy will be here tomorrow, they just opened a King Ranch and I* have never seen one before, So I had to go in.... retail was 14.99 on sale for 8.99 so I had to buy it....... my soil is GOING to Need Help......................................... so this is going to be mixed 50/50 with my soil and I'll see what happens... Remember everything I'm doing this yr is just playing around to find what works here for me.. i'm going to do 5 beans in the 50% and 5 in it at 100% just to see :) nay use it for my hot peppers too you never know with me... lol
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I ran across this last night at a new store that opened up. Seen someone asking about it, so here's a pic View attachment 895005 View attachment 895006
you notice that the calcium is 1% right,that is the exchange i was talking about a few days back,for excellant exchange the calcium has be be 65% at its peek,then the .05 potash that is for strong roots and stalks,when you put the beans in soil ,before sprinkle with rooting compound,there is the inoculant of bacteria to get the party started if you dig,also better roots and stalks ,why important,because with the ground up effort,if it comes a hell of rain storm or wind,it started it life with the magic and thats them numbers i mentioned,when your plants are standing hard and strong and the neighbors are lodging you see the real difrence,any media no matter what,start with 65% calcium and you got trees instead of seedlings hahahha,now that was just 70% accounted for right,still 30% left,the focus then is flower time and the phosphrus is 25%,5% is magnesse,without magnese the calcium cant do it job,nitrogen be scratched in and use for nitrogen at any time you feel the plant thrive for it,with those numbers you have 100%,the full meal deal,hahahaha,you then have ideal exchange and only thing to hold you back is bad decision on add in like boasters it dont take much to screw acidic soil up,that perfect ph is 6.5 for uptake of all
A lot of folks have great success with FF. It can be on the hot side for some strains, while other strains seem fine. Keep an eye on it for signs of overfeeding, otherwise you should be good to go!
wants to use pro mix too,maybe you could help with that,got several products i never heard of,you the man to help in pro mix
wants to use pro mix too,maybe you could help with that,got several products i never heard of,you the man to help in pro mix
ya I may of went over kill ( I was stone and got some stuff from ok 3 times.. Ok I'm stoned 20 hrs a day but...) my plan was to use this stuff outside and play around with it.... Cause this ground does need some help..... With that said I was going to use the pm hp with some beans just as az2000 says to run them with the cmh.... Now I got some led stuff going on. got beans in 3 diff soil mixs now cause .>>> do I really need to say... ok Now I'm a broke f..k but and can't pass up a sale if I think or know I can use it somewhere /somehow.... so at the end of the day I got this stuff and i'm using it on my vegs ( missed the whole hydo deal at 1st it's ok i like the stuff)

so how do I get this stuff to work into my ZOO or do I just use it for vegs and grass and etc. and get something else??? Haifa Cal | Calcium Nitrate Greenhouse Grade Fertilizer | Calmag , Haifa MKP | Mono Potassium Phosphate BLOOM Booster Fertilizer ,Ultrasol Magnum P 44 | Urea Phosphate 18-44-0 , MB Secret Sauce | HORMONE AND VITAMIN BOOSTER | VEG and BLOOM, Allganic Nitrogen | OMRI Organic Nitrate of Soda Prill | 16-0-0, and I think I have a lb of this Allganic Potassium | SOP Water Soluble OMRI Sulfate of Potash | 0-0-52

all smart azz commets can go to ty
I have used fox farms ocean forest in conjunction with their Light Warrior. I usually start my seeds/clones in plugs...once they have roots or germinate I transplant to a 1 gal pot of light warrior for 2-3 weeks then I transplant to a 5g pot of 50/50 Ocean Forest + Light Warrior Blend. Its worked for me for 10+ years. Ive ran coco and coco blends of ocean forest and I ultimately came back to the KISS method. Maybe a shocker to some but I have never had gnats in any of my grows. I typically will start feeding around week 4 of flowering.