Grow number two, making space

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Second grow, first indoor. And I have almost no expectations for this grow except to learn. But I’m certainly aiming for something to harvest.

Both are in week 2 of being a seedling so after this week they will be officially vegetative. So I guess you could say these are at week zero and will be at week 1 next week.

In any event, more bag seed germinated on 10/12/20, and short rider fem AF on 10/14/20, in ffof/perlite, under two 150 watt equivalent LED 2200 lumens 5000 K bulbs, and a 65 watt equivalent LED full spectrum large plant light for 18 on/6 off. Being watered with un-pH’d tap water (typically 155-175 ppm). Average temp 75 F, 50% RH. I’m keeping an actual journal this time. 🙄


Is anyone willing to take a peek and weigh in on the below as sufficient to veg and flower two plants plus some seedlings in the spring? Thank you in advance.

Honestly, someone here can make you a shopping list that will be cheaper and do better for you than that. That would do the job though, yes. If you want, I can show you what I would do with $400 to accomplish that task. I imagine others would chime in, because it's this place lol.


Agree the fan is a game changer. I have a coolgrows tent too. I would switch for this light though. I have separately bought six p1500s for different places and situations lol. I like them.

A P-2000 is probably a bit too much, which is the point. The dimmer works very well. If you want a comparable light, it's $89. I run 2 P-1500s in a 3x3.

I have also had great luck with this:

Imo, having light and cooling just solved is a huge relief. You would also need a fan for inside the tent. Those you can just get wherever. It's nice to be able to easily mount them though.
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