I pick trees too. I wish you would stick around and play for awhile UCMENOW I know there are a lot of farmers that would like to chat with you. Or at least I would. Much respect your doing things proper. Passion I love it.
Me too I wanna play.
Q9 your help with other grows or with yours are a true inspiration to all of us. Your advise and knowledge to the forum is priceless want to thank you for your contribution as I know you don't have to.
I really appreciate it as I know that you have help me with my grow. :)
Q9 I have a ?? I have limited power consumption either run a
1. 4 site uc 13 gallon 50" center with 5 lights 750w vertical 1 on each corner and 1 in center. Total 3750w

2. Or and 8 site uc 13 xl with 30" center and 4 1000w horizontal lights.
Total 4000w

FYI my tent is 12x12 with 7' tall no ac so I'm have aircooled hoods and also 8" cooltubes on hand for vertical
Want to maximize production please advise thanks once again Q9
Don't hate the player,hate the game.Right? Or some shit. Like usual very impressive. Where you been man? UC section is needing some good pick me ups like this. Those are going to be massive,what strain you running in there? Heading out to the west coast ever hit us up. I 'm sure your busy though.Tell Ed i said what's up. Talk soon
Q9 just curious I always wanted to ask you what do you feel about full vertical grow? Have your done it? I see you like hybrid using both. I want to run my 4ucxxl 13 with 5 1000w and applying your techniques as they have really helped my previous grows thanks
003 copy.JPG

The strain is Rock Star. This is not my grow, it is one of our clients. He is about to do his second 220% yield increase since working with us.

This grow will break 3 grams per watt.

That is not a typo. Let the hating begin. Maybe ill even check back to see it.

Homie is KING. I am so proud of this guy.
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Side Question Q9, With such low ppms, do you ever just flush with water? if so how long? tried a 9 day flush with straight water to yellow out my girls, didnt do the trick.
I always felt 600s could outperform 1ks all day if you know how to grow. But if you depend in light source for yield that's why everyone jumps for 1k. You crush most peoples 2k worth w a 600, which proves my point exactly. I have a buddy that shoots for 2 a light w 600s and good runs he'll get it. Lighting is 20% of the grow that's it. Props bro!
I recently switched to 600s and will nevergo back to 1000s. But had no idea they could get as big as these are.... hopes and dreams here I come lol.