Homebrew420s' Seed Creation and Selection

I heard some good reports about the Panama, never tasted it though, picked up Cherry D last time I was in what a winner compared to greenest green. Hope to have a little update soon on the babies. Had a problem with one pack of kingston lights couple mutants and the others I think my homie over watered but we have another pack going fine.
Keep an eye out for male flowers on jam crosses as they seem to be showing up occasionally. More work may need to be done with Jamaican to ensure little to no issues arise.good luck. And keep us posted

Ooohhh shit The Biily goat returns!! Great to see you. Hope all is well for you.
I will get picks of the Bangkok Bettys in flower. As well as the chocolate thais. I am starting a bunch of Humboldt Express f2 at the other spot.
Will get some shots of the rks, the Coast to Coast( nycd x tahoe), and Tang-istan citral (dudes diesel x pck). Lost Tribe, kosher kush x jamaican