Irie Seeds "Orange Gasm" under Gavita Pro 1700e LED's..........

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TheShortAnswer........... I opened the pack of Copper Chem and started 1-2 seeds just to make sure they would sprout. That was a few months ago. All of them were kept in the fridge. Most of those sent are around 11 week flowerers, not necessarily to my liking. The Raw Seeds are quite expensive when I checked them out, but all the strains are good- for that 89 oz guess, above everyone else's- you deserve them- even if you were 18 oz off. LOL


You'll never believe this, but I was thinking about light again. I came to a realization: if I can get to some threshold for my canopy (let's say 30k) by having my lights close in and dimmed or up high and full blast, I should expect better penetration with the lights further away because the extra distance is less meaningful vs the power of the source.

And I had been keeping it in close and low for heat reasons. Now I have to have a think and possibly recalibrate.

Hmmmmm.... I will carry this on in my own thread. Sorry @sshz.
Up close, and spread out is the winning formula, I'm telling ya, it's all pretty simple from that standpoint. The intensity is going to be the same if your dialing them down, and putting them up close, or dialing it up and backing them up, in the latter case, your simply doing the same thing, but using more energy.


Up close, and spread out is the winning formula, I'm telling ya, it's all pretty simple from that standpoint. The intensity is going to be the same if your dialing them down, and putting them up close, or dialing it up and backing them up, in the latter case, your simply doing the same thing, but using more energy.
That's not what the math says.
I want to make an amendment to previous comments, as I like to be honest in my opinions. Today was make gummie day, but i needed to make the oil first. A recipe can be found in the Orange Gasm diary, along with some great tips from others. I've been out of them, and smoking more- which isn't good. I used about 12-13 oz. of coconut oil with about 2 1/2 oz of oven dried pot at 170 degrees. I also want to add some hash so i got out my scraper and got about 1-2 grams of beautiful blonde hash, with a intense grapefruit smell. I added the hash to the oil.

With the left over, I of course had to try the hash. I put it in my Roor and on a single pull got a real surprise- the friggin shit was great. Intense citrus flavor, right away smack in the head, very up and totally buzzed. I rate the pot a 6.5, I rate the hash a 9 or 9.5 (I have to smoke more to decide). One rip, I am still very, very high and buzzing along with dinner soon (and not hungry, I'm speeding. LOL)

Again, credit to Rasta Jeff, he nailed this. Smoke it as a concentrate, that's where it "shines" more credit has to be given to Irie Seeds for calling it correctly. Don't cross them off your list just yet. I'm in Love! LOL

Final weight announced at noon on Saturday. And another 24 hour contest with 3 winners for all my Dragon's Flame seeds is coming.........


Good to hear, concentrates always a different experience for sure. How well did it make the hash? Was there a significant about of keif/hash that was obtained during the processing? For me, it's a mixed bag, some strains produce more than others, it seems. I really think some strains lend themselves to this sort of processing. I want to really start focusing on doing a fair amount of concentrates once I start my outdoor bit, this spring I'm gearing up for.

I really like that strain called black milk for a project of something like that. It would be interesting trying to create a hybrid for doing something specifically for making concentrates, but I suspect there not big yields in that particular strain, I need to do my homework, and find something that's going to do well.

Haven't decided if I'm just going to press a lot of it, but lean toward harvesting the crystals first, and then pressing what remains. Taking a multistage approach to concentrates is maybe the best approach.
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Pot soaked in warmed coconut oil, in a double boiler for 3+ hours. Resin comes off the bud, and is infused into the coconut oil. Then that's used in cooking, making gummies, put in capsules, etc.

I should be able to get 4 batches of gummies with that oil, maybe 200+ gummies depending on their size.
I wasn't overly impressed with the amount of hash coming thru the screen.......but what did was blonde, grapefruity and mighty fine. I was going 100 MPH there for a few hours. I need to mow the lawn before the rain arrives, I'll give it another try then when I climb on the tractor. I'm definitely going to take 5-6 oz of what's left and make hash out it, it's that good.
So, the day is finally here. I'm about to put up the final number, what everyone has been waiting for, and there's no real surprises. Taking in consideration what I've smoked, used to make hash and gummies, and any more potential weight loss from drying (which is minimal)- the final number is 106 oz. It's was a nearly perfect grow, which contributed to the high numbers I guess, and then add in a heavy yielding strain which made it even easier. This should answer the question once and for all- I feel confident in saying LED can and will outperform HPS and you'll end up with better quality shit too- IF YOUR LED'S ARE GOOD ENOUGH. I imagine yield will suffer mightily with some of those crappy LED's, so buy something decent and you'll probably be just fine.

Things to consider moving forward are:

1. High weight numbers are possible without the addition of CO2. I won't be adding it moving forward, unless future crop weight falls off considerably. I don't feel the Exhale CO2 bags added anything, since I ran the exhaust 24/7 throughout the grow and had the door open often.

2. One thing I haven't talked about at all was the amount of water I was giving the know I cut fertilization by 30%, but I was also giving them a lot less water at each watering, maybe a quart a day. This is one of the reason I was watering everyday. I did it as an experiment actually, and to control the humidity better by not having the pots overly wet or water standing on the floor. All that crap about how 25% of the water has to drain out and such- a lot of baloney. Not once did watering leave any water flowing out the bottom of the pots. Using a high quality, organic fertilizer is probably important with this, but passed that- you can water less but more frequently and still get solid results. If you are using a high salt, chemical fertilizer, I wouldn't recommend this approach.

3. Bigger/smaller pots........... one thing I haven't considered is going larger or smaller and the effects of that. Something to ponder...........

And for those looking for some seeds....... I have tester seeds from Dragon's Flame- 18 Hydra Stash, 6 Dragon's Stash F3's and 17 Mushu's Stash (regular seeds, not fem's). I put up a description of each earlier in the thread. If you want them, guess how many points will be scored in Monday Night's Football game between K.C. and Baltimore. The two people closest to the final score (you CAN go over the total and still be closest) will split these. IF YOU GUESS THE NUMBER EXACTLY, I WILL THROW IN SOMETHING SUPER SPECIAL! Guesses must be posted by kickoff and only 1 guess each. I started maybe 6-7 of the Dragon's Stash inside 4 months ago, a couple mutated on me but the two I moved outdoors were BEASTS before killing them off when my neighbor caught a glimpse of them and mentioned it.

Just post a number like this, no wordy explanations are needed so I can find your numbers quickly: "55 1/2" or "48" (1/2 pts. allowed)

Winners will be announced after the game Monday night.

Thanks again everyone............ see you over in the Sweet Zombie thread.


The betting line is 54.5 which I suspect Burnz looked up but don't be surprised if it ends up higher as both teams score a lot of points..........
Ya I made it easy on myself. Haha. I picked 58 on weekly pool at work. Probably 60+ Depending on defense.
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