Jungle Boys On Instagram Growing Techniques

I say give em props shit. I can tell you the thousands of hours that goes into what they do on that scale. Not even including the damn growing. Their final products look fantastic. Tons of props to Jungle Boys.
I personaly know the blood, Sweat and hard work that goes into this size commercial scale. I've been doing it for years...
One thing I can also say is there are many ways to cultivate a great product...
Peace and love....
The jungle boys are like LeBron James once you get in the gym and lace up your sneakers and look at LeBron James on the court do you think you're going to be able compete at a high level I don't think so.
What Im curious about is how TLC came to be. They say pre-ico prop D. But was TLC previously Toluca Lake Collective and the Pre ICO (license/permit?) purchased by Jack/Ivan and renamed TLC or were they partners.
How are they doing the spacing in flower with the 1000w de and 630 cmh combos. I can see they keep the de’s a foot higher but do they do 4ft on center? 5 ft on center?

Interested in lighting 4 4x8 tables.
Since I'm on the same quest... Here's what I have read:

I believe with their new "Dank Factory" facility, rockwool cubes are the only viable commercial option at that scale. They dip their rooted starter plugs into Myco Jordan then into the cube,VegBloom DOS A/B, their secret sauce seems to be their proprietary additives of sugars? and Shine as a booster.oh, and CalMag... They tried Fluence LEDs but they didnt pull the weight. In fact, they seem to have different equipment in each vid (ie couple different floraflex caps at least, irrigation looks different in several vids, ect...) Several sources say they use different nutes (heavy16) at different grows? Makes sense because one thing I do believe is that they grow strain specific whatever that girl calls for. Oh, I also read a caption where they top 4 times and water/feed 6x/day, runoff is NOT important like everyone believes using RW cubes?

Things I would love to know;
1.One of the biggest mysteries seems to be how they keep algea off the block tops at beginning of flower?
No caps in pic, just flowering drip stakes. I'm guessing they don't skimp on the H2O2 since the root growth is the healthiest white I've ever seen.
2.They are reported to have an organic mite/mildew program? I wouldn't discuss chemicals being used on my multi-million dollar enterprise either, but skeptical they are organic at that scale?

Didn't know about "Die on the Vine" technique... Hopefully we can keep this thread going because these guys do suffer for their work. Much respect.


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yep wither on vine and have posted many times how I finish and cure. Some say I spend too much time. Those of course are the ones that haven't smoked my erb………. :D:fire::fire::fire::fire:

1st thing out of most folks mouths after toking is damn homie how the hell do you dry and cure. Its a labour of love brother.
yep wither on vine and have posted many times how I finish and cure. Some say I spend too much time. Those of course are the ones that haven't smoked my erb………. :D:fire::fire::fire::fire:

1st thing out of most folks mouths after toking is damn homie how the hell do you dry and cure. Its a labour of love brother.

Can you link me to an example? I have not seen your posts about this.
Beat me to it. I'd love some potent fire in my vape grown by the best grower, debatable, that I know lol

Not sure what you mean? I want to see jumpincactus’ drying method.

After watching the jungle boys vids it is obvious they are just busy cash croppers selling hype and bullshit as method.
My .2 cents. I just recently on my last harvest used their technique of wither or dying on the vine. The process makes perfect sense as we all know the longer and slower the dry the better the finished product is with a proper cure.

I stopped watering/flush 3 days before lights out at harvest. The flower room was kept at 65 deg and humidity was at 60% with a gentle movement of air thru out the room. The buds didnt get the dried crispy feel on the outsides for 21 days. I forgot to mention a couple of days into the harvest cycle I did trim all of the larger fans and continued to let the plants stand tall in their grow shoes. At day 22 the colas went thru phase 2 of trimming and were laid on screens kept in the room but I dropped the Rh to around 45-50% and allowed to dry until I could sense in the branches that they we ready for final trim and curing jars. This took approx 7 more days. So the wither on the vine for me ran a total of 29 days before even hitting a mason jar.

I must say I do believe those boys are on to something here. The slow extended dry with the roots still in the soil seems to be what takes the erb to another level. The aroma/terps and taste are out of this world. Potency of course varies from pheno to pheno but I am definitely sold on this technique.
The only down side for some will be the length of time invested as most cash croppers dont have that kind of time. But it is time well invested. The strains run were very familiar to me and always tasted/smelled good in living organic soil but again these same strains dried and cured by withering on the vine is a whole other ball game.
Name is cactus and I endorse this statement!!! :D:smoking::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: I am in no way affiliated with jacmayoffer or the JB's but I know that this method has taken my stash to a whole other level and would recommend it to anyone who cares about the way their stash tastes, smokes and smells.

I could say the same about an old outdoor guy here that has the best tasting weed around.

He cuts down trees and hangs them in his barn leaves and all til dry. Can take months.

I would be afraid to attract mold and pests leaving dying plants in the grow room. Very vulnerable to attack.

Buy i heard of growers doing this many years ago. I dont like these new growers marketing hype. If it was the best way everyone would do it.

Cutting the plant from the roots is the only way to stop over ripening. And also stops the uptake of carbs. If I had time I would dry whole plants hanging.

But the patients have no patience. Lol.