Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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That is a new420guy Jedi glue. Was the last pack i had not tried from him. Almost gave them away, but it is surprising me and throwing some nice tight colas. About to put a clone of her in a dwc and see what she really has.


How is confidential cheese. I just picked up some seeds of it? Phenos to look for etc... She looks beautiful.

Sorry for the delayed response Tad. To be honest, I like the smoke as have others I’ve shared with. She’s strong on the fruity/citrus smell, smooth smoke that has been pretty therapeutic for my anxiety. Surprisingly light on the munchies aspect with a nice balanced high. Will definitely attempt to grow again.

Being a rookie though I chased my tail & made numerous mistakes. Under fed, over fed, dealt with gnats, ph issues you name it & I probably experienced or caused it 😄. With that said she was pretty tolerable to my learning curve & although I’m sure I didn’t get nearly as much out of her as I could’ve I’m glad I had such a cooperative girl to start with.

Send me a pm if you want, even if it’s just to share your experience with it. Always appreciate other POV’s/opinions.
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