Looking For New Nutrient Line To Try Out


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I got a nectar for the gods sample kit. It's expensive as hell, but it is truly awesome! I probably won't buy it because of the price but I gotta admit, it's some good shit. Plants are super healthy, and doing WAY BETTER than my plants getting fox farm nutes.
If I had to do it all over again I’d go with NFTG. Their lineup is rock solid and they have everything you need. So it’s dead simple to run with it. You can use as many extras as you’d like or just use the basics. They did a great job building their nute line. And imo many other companies could benefit from following in the same direction.

Cost wise I don’t think it’s too bad compared with any other good solid nutrient line such as BioBizz or Primordial Solutions. You’re going to spend damn near $200 for a full set of quart bottles no matter who you use if you use liquid ferts. Plus you can get their free sample pack and just buy what you run out of as you use it up.

I only use a couple of their products but I’ve been impressed at the simplicity and quality. Sure they aren’t OMRI certified but really who gives a shit? Unless you are growing commercially and need lab certification to make the claim to the public in hopes of garnering more sales then I don’t see the point. But that’s me.
OMRI for in door to up your product and program...USDA certified...NCMGA(national capital Master gardeners association) DC ...am with full wholistic herbalists, organic growers dealing with true herbalists. .no recs or so called medies ...real peeps doing real research not polls or...patients , not potential for lab rats...30+ years doing...now research is over on ... growing mainly because I have seen project after another, no real reason for the project to continue on and no progression...no ibl, no heirlooms no reviews on...what has happened to the cannabis community???!
Again depends on strain...most are growing kushes which I don't require those high nutes...check Mandala seeds website , the guy says high nutes are not particularly needed for cannabis, and I've grown plenty outdoors without all that, some greensand, espoma plant tone scratched in, some worm casting , azomite and stand back... indoors can be tricky, but personally I'm an outdoors guy... another that I really like is Algo flash now called Algo plus Geranium formula is bomb, stacks flowers nicely...I guess we all find what works best ...
I've done Heavy 16 for years. Great yield and great phenotype expression. I'm going to do a run of New Millennium nutes because they are unique and use the timing on hormones like kinetin and chitosan for awesome weight and frost.
I have a local compost company that makes a compost based medium that needs no feeding until ur plants fill out the bag the medium comes in. They then give u an option for 5 lb bag of compost that made to top off as needed to feed. I'm shocked at how well this works honestly. I don't want to inundate threads with links but if anyone is interested I have no issues helping them with the info.
The plant in the picture grew in this medium by accident in my bathroom this summer......solo cup.....I chit u not!
I recently switched from House and Garden to Veg&Bloom and I couldn't be happier. Saving a ton of money, extremely easy to use and the results are just as good if not better.
How have the terpenes worked out so far bro? I'm following your thread and the recipe posted there. I love V+B but in the past I winged it too much. Now just on point on the formula.

Curious how strong the terpenes may finish.

YES Veg and Bloom and YES to Nectar for the Gods. NO to GH... ugh.
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