revegging stress, help and what-to-do

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These are in another part of the field, those in reveg have almost all recovered except for a 5% that are still stressed, especially those of a strain that is probably weaker
I asked because I recently transplanted a couple plants to 10 gal fabric pots back in mid June. They both showed transplant shock for a day or two and then recovered or so I thought. Both are showing signs of female, but one went in to reveg mode. I just don’t know if it will straighten out and flower again later in time to finish before we get freezes. It’s been all goofy for like 4 or 5 weeks now. Three and one finger leaves, growth sprouting everywhere. I hope she turns in to a beast with all the growth sprouting on it.


I pruned the few plants that were still stressed, they had too many branches and shoots inside, and I tried to manage them by cutting a lot and leaving only the branches where I want the buds to grow. what do you think?

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